Thursday 6 June 2019

Amble: Our happy place!

I've mentioned Amble a lot of times on my blog over the years. It's our happy place! It is a small seaside down in Northumberland. It's about a 40 minute bus ride for us and we visit a couple of times a year.

 We went last week and we did our whole usual routine. We got off the bus, went to the loo, went to Tesco to buy drinks and ketchup then to the fish shop! We love the chippy in Amble there is a few but the Harbour Fish Bar is our favourite. It is the place I get my beanies from. A beanie is baked beans wrapped up inside sausage meat and then battered and deep fried! I have made them at home but they are never as good as from Amble!

We had the usual battle with the seagulls. They are crazy and have no fear. All they wanted was the chips. lol

The weather wasn't the best. It felt like we were playing on borrowed time waiting for the rain to come. The sky was grey and it was windy but it was surprisingly warm.

The kids had a play on the beach, we then walked around the harbour and then would usually visit the rock pools but the tide was right in. I think it's the first time I've been to Amble and saw the tide in. It didn't stop some kids messing about on the rocks though. My heart was in my mouth. A boy about 14 years old was so close to ending up in the sea when he slipped.

It was a wonderful day out. We never get sick of visiting Amble. The kids are planning our next visit already. They have said when they grow up and grow old they want to retire there. I don't blame them. It is a lovely little town!


  1. I can see why you like Amble so much, it looks like such a lovely place. Loved your video,,,but those seagulls 😂 x

  2. I spent loads of my childhood at Amble as my grandparents moved their caravan there and we used to stay on weekends. I haven't taken my kids before or visited for years, I think I need to re-visit soon x