Wednesday 29 January 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Fudge delivered to your door from STIRRD!

I love fudge, it might actually be my favourite sweet treat. I think it's because it comes in so many different flavours and always seems so indulgent. I was asked if I would like to try a new monthly fudge subscription box service from STIRRD and of course I said yes!!

STIRRD box of fudge

Each month STIRRD can deliver two flavours of delicious handmade fudge and one other confectionery delight straight to your door!

Hand made in Harrogate and made properly in old copper pans the flavour combinations change with the seasons. From zingy Sicilian Lemon in July to spiced Minced Pie in December and this month with it being Valentine's Day they have a limited edition Valentines box!

This month's box includes:

Salted Caramel Fudge with Ginseng Ruby Chocolate Drizzle.

Salted Caramel Fudge with Ginseng Ruby Chocolate Drizzle.

A favourite gourmet fudge, full of buttery caramel flavours, a sprinkle of sea salt and infused with ginseng to awaken the senses.

Cherry & Chocolate Brownie Fudge with Shimmer.

Cherry & Chocolate Brownie Fudge with Shimmer.

Bursting with real cherries and dark chocolate to put you in a feel-good mood, and finished with a love-heart-red shimmer.

White Chocolate Honeycomb with Chilli Flakes.

White Chocolate Honeycomb with Chilli Flakes.

Hand made honeycomb pieces, smothered in white chocolate and dusted with chilli flakes to dial up the heat.

What a treat this box was. The kids were there when I was opening it and agreed that it all looked so fancy! All of the treats looked so good.

I was obviously going to try them all but the Cherry & Chocolate Brownie Fudge with Shimmer appealed to me the most. The shimmer doesn't really show up on the photo but it is most definitely there. Wow! I've eaten plenty of fudge in my life but this was good. The Salted Caramel Fudge with Ginseng Ruby Chocolate Drizzle was just as good too. You could taste each of the favours and tell what they are which you can't with some other brands. The White Chocolate Honeycomb with Chilli Flakes was something different. The flavours worked so well together and it was absolutely divine! 

This whole box was a delicious treat and I am quite sad that it is all gone now. In the future I will definitely consider ordering more boxes for myself.

A selection of STIRRD fudge in trays

Sent in a in a letterbox friendly box and priced at £11.99 customers can subscribe to the monthly packs. You can choose from 1 box, 3 boxes or 6 boxes (delivered monthly). The boxes are normally dispatch on Wednesdays. You just select your preferred Wednesday dispatch date at checkout. If you've ordered more than one box it will be shipped monthly after that. 

 You can also send single boxes as a gift which would be perfect with Valentines's day coming up or Mother's day later in the year!

I was sent a STIRRD subscription box free of charge in exchange for this blog post!


  1. This looks amazing and a subscription is such a good idea, I often want to try different flavours but don't know where to start. The chilli flakes on top of the honeycomb flavour sounds interesting x

    1. It is amazing and such a good idea. The flavours are so interesting x

  2. Omg this look so delicious. What a, great idea fro a subscription box

  3. mmmm I love fudge. I think my favourite would be the sea salt fudge with the ruby chocolate drizzle. But they all sound amazing.