Wednesday 15 January 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Kolibri - Vegan, Alcohol-free cocktails. #DryJanuary

I usually love a glass or two of wine on a weekend but so far this year I haven't bothered. I hadn't planned on doing Dry January but being worn out after Christmas and New year then having a sicky bug, I've been off alcohol and to be honest I am not missing it.

I was getting sick of drinking juice and water so when I was offered the chance to try Kolibri a new range of vegan, alcohol-free cocktails I jumped at the chance.

2 glass bottle bottles against a fake marble background

According to recent reports one third of UK adults are reducing their alcohol intake and one fifth of Brits are now teetotal. Kolibri Drinks are a pioneering botanical drinks brand born out of the rising trend for healthy, non-alcoholic and sophisticated drinks!

My first impressions of these bottles were wow! They did look so fancy and sophisticated. My teen was stood behind me when I was opened the package and was Ohhing and Ahhing. I said no. hehehe

The drinks come in in three flavours: Strawberry and Basil, Cardamom and Chilli and Elderflower and Lime.

2 close up of the Kolibri bottles saying the flavours.

Each bottle is made with 100% natural ingredients, 100% alcohol-free, with no artificial flavours, are vegan friendly, 100% recyclable, contains less than 40 calories and is sugar free. 

What makes this drink unique is that each bottle comes with the option to add a bit of sweetness to your drink. In the cap there is a syrup that can be added to your drink to sweeten it. The agave nectar is a natural sugar, lusciously combined with hints of lemon juice, apple and caramel.

The cap of the Kolibri bottle with sweetener in.
The Kolibri glass bottle the cap and instructions on how to drink.

To make the cocktail pour the Kolibri which is carbonated water and natural flavourings into a glass over ice and then add the sweetener to your taste.

3 photos first pouring Kolibri, 2nd adding the sweetener and 3rd the finished drink.

These were such a lovely treat for a Saturday night. Out of the two I was sent to try, the Strawberry and Basil and Elderflower and Lime the Strawberry one was my favourite. It is all down to personal taste though. Stu tried them both and he said he preferred the Elderflower one. They are full of flavour and are so refreshing. I could have easily have drank them without adding any of the sweetener but that gave it a little extra something.

The Kolibri drinks are available to buy from Holland & Barrett at the moment for £2.99. The usual price of them are £3.99. I would quite happily pay the more expensive price as they are not something I'd drink on a daily basis but save for a treat as an alternative to my normal wine. Next time I am in town I will be buying more, I am very interested to try the Cardamom and Chilli one.

Are you doing Dry January? Do you think you'd give these a try?

I was sent these drinks free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Ooo these look fancy and lovely treat especially when January is so depressing X

    1. They are such a lovely treat. Just what we need in January x