Saturday 30 January 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The Old Curiosity Valentine's Day Gin Gift Box - Review!

 Valentine's day is coming and the Scottish craft distillery, Old Curiosity has launched a new limited edition gift box in preparation perfectly capturing the spirit of the day. With its whimsical and charming packaging this gift box is designed to adorn and enhance a gin-lover’s collection.

Old Curiosity Valentines day gift box

The Secret Garden Gift Box contains gin 
which are distilled with botanicals grown in the distillery’s Secret Herb Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh. 

The Secret Garden is an award-winning herb nursery with over 600 naturally grown and tended varieties of herbs and flowers which are picked, dried and distilled by hand to deliver the pure essence of nature. The nursery is most renowned for the highly acclaimed and multi award-winning collection of premium, 100% natural, Secret Garden Gins which are stocked by some of the UK’s most prestigious retailers and now exported to 11 countries around the globe. The distillery also produces ranges of teas, soaps and hand sanitisers.

The gift box contains two 20cl bottles both 39% ABV. The Apothecary Rose Gin offers a familiar Turkish Delight flavour whilst the Pink Elderflower and Jasmine satisfies a sweeter tooth but is sugar free.

Pink Elderflower and Jasmine gin
Apothecary Rose Gin

The gin gift set has a RRP of £29.95 and I think that is a great price. The box is gorgeous and has such a pretty design and the bottles are so cute. I am not usually a gin drinker but I will be giving it a try tonight and I am especially looking forward to giving the Apothecary Rose Gin a go.

Hamish Martin, Director at the Old Curiosity Distillery, said: “This year, it seems more important than ever to show the ones we care about, how much we love them. That’s why we have put so much effort in to creating gifts that are guaranteed to make the ones we love, smile.” He is totally right. Even if you don't want to send this to a romantic partner you could send it to a friend just to say you care and don't forget that it is Mother's day in March.

Bottles of Old Curiosity Gin

With Valentine's coming up it is a great excuse to have a little fun and make some cocktails. These gins would make a great addition to one. Here are some ideas:

Rose Negroni.

25ml Rose Gin 
25ml Campari
25ml Vermouth

Method: Stir over ice, strain.
Garnish with orange peel.

Love Potion Fizz

50ml Elderflower Gin 
15ml Lime Juice 
15ml Elderflower Liquor 
Top with prosecco

Method: Shake with ice: Gin, lime and liquor, Strain over cubed ice and top with prosecco.

Do you like the sound of either of these cocktails or the gin?

I was sent the The Old Curiosity Valentine's Day Gin gift box free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. What a pretty gift set. I used to drink gin when I was younger but not as much nowadays. I think you could twist my arm with this though. X

  2. What a pretty gift it would make. I like the sound of the flavours. Very tempting and I like that it's Scottish too. #mmbc

  3. I'd never have thought of giving gin. Nice idea. #MMBC