Thursday 7 January 2021

A 2020 Family Bucket List! - How we did!

What a year 2020 was. It was nothing like any of us imagined it would be. Coronavirus, lockdowns, home schooling, social distancing, panic buying, furlough pay, bubbles, restrictions, and tiers took over our lives.

2020 bucket list

I had so many plans for this year and looking back at the bucket list I posted in January 2020 we didn't actually do too bad considering.

Visit Hull!
Yes, we finally got there in the February half term holidays and we had a fab day out. We even took Ellie's best friend along. At the time we were more worried about all the storms we were having and the Humber bridge being closed than Coronavirus.

Decorate our house.
We had planned to spend all year decorating the downstairs of the house, I even wrote about our DIY plans at the beginning of last year. it was going to be a slow job which should have taken us all year but we ended up getting most of it done by the end of the summer.

I did all of the bathroom myself and I am so proud of it. The yellow really brightens it up. The wallpaper in the living room makes it feel so homely and I was so glad to paint the orange tiles in the kitchen!

Decorated bathroom
wallpaper in the living room

Learn to drive.
Nope, none of us learned to drive. Becky did get her provisional license and is ready to learn but with the virus out there she is in no rush to sit in a car with a stranger, none of us were. It's still on the cards for this year and the money Becky received from her child trust fund when she turned 18 there is more than enough for a fair few lessons.

Plant something.
Ahh! Us like everyone else in the country went a little gardening crazy over the summer. I planted flowers, tomatoes and peas which all grew so well. The peppers, sunflowers didn't grow at all. I am still blaming dodgy seeds from ebay. 

flowers in the garden
planting seeds

Go to a theme park.
Apart from our day out at Hull we didn't have any other days out.

Get some savings behind us.
Amazingly we have. We haven't been spending as much so it has been easier to save and I have been saving all the money I earn from doing surveys on Prolific. In about 11 months I have earned nearly £250. It doesn't seem like much but every little helps and I put it towards a new laptop.

Visit Amble for a little break in the summer.
We did think about it earlier in the year but again we didn't think it was worth risking our health for a trip away.

Go to a concert or show.
I did have a night out and saw a show. The Bon Jovi experience in February. It was such a good night and my throat was sore from all the singing and my legs ached from all the dancing!

Take more photos of us as a family.
I have taken more photos of us this year, I just seemed to have put a lot less online. lol I did get around to printing plenty out and putting them into frames in the living room. 

Camp out.
We put the tent up and the kids were all set to sleep in it until they chickened out.

Research my family tree.
Again this was something that I started but never dug as deep as I would have liked to.

Let the kids have a birthday party each.
Nope, thanks Coronavirus. That put a stop to that.

Take Becky to the pub.
She's been to the pub without me when we were between lockdowns and actually when she was not quite 18 but I haven't been with her yet since she did actually turn 18. Eesh! 

Have a night away from the kids.

Stick to one takeaway a month.
We have mostly. There was a few months when all the takeaways were shut near us but then they started delivering and they set up online ordering which is just amazing! 

Get all the Christmas presents bought by the 1st of December.
I did mostly, well apart from all the extra presents I kept buying. I had even started on some of the wrapping. This is one good thing about Coronavirus, I made sure to get everything bought early when everything was so up in the air with what shops were going to be open in December.

Did you have a bucket list for the year? How did you get on with it?


  1. I'm impressed by how much you did manage to do during 2020. Lockdown certainly did make some things easier, with all the extra time on our hands. Some things were definitely impossible though. I hope Becky gets to learn to drive soon and you get your trip to the pub with her.

    1. I know! I was shocked too when I looked back on it. The lockdown really did make things easier. x

  2. You did well, under the circumstances. Definitely a few to mark up as a success. Well done with the savings. It is a shame all the ones you missed out on, but hopefully 2021 will be a better year. Fingers crossed. #mmbc

    1. I am taking it as a win. I'm not even bothering writing one this year with everything so up in the air. Thank you x

  3. You did really well with your bucket list considering how challenging last year was. Let’s hope this year is a better one so we can enjoy the things we love in a safe way. Xx

    1. Thank you. This year has to be better surely but 11 days in and it seems it's much more of the same. Ugh. Take care x

  4. I think you did a great job with your bucket list!