Friday 12 May 2023

This week my Word of the week is: Boiler!! #WotW

This week my Word of the week is:


Some weeks I struggle to find a word to describe our week but this week was easy, the week has been all about our boiler.

Our boiler was about 15/20 years old at least, the pressure wouldn't stay up, it was temperamental if it was windy out but every year it has kept passing the gas safety test so there was no rush to get it replaced until Monday when it broke down. Usually when it stops working we reset it and it comes back on but not this time.There was a new red light on it and a boiler man was called to have a look at it. 

With the weather being quite warm we haven't needed the heating on but we could have done with hot water. We ended up going to my dad's for a shower on Monday night, thank goodness he lives close by.

The boiler man came on Tuesday and said it was not going to start again without replacing a part. A few years ago we had to get a new part for it and the boiler man struggled to get the part as the boiler was so old so the time came to replace it. He said he would come back on Wednesday to put a new boiler in and it would only take about 2 and a half hours. What!! I thought it would have taken much longer but it turns out there was the plumber, gas man and a man doing all the cleaning up and fetching and carrying things so they were like a well oiled machine.

I did get my dad to come around and keep me company as I hate having strangers in my house but I needn't have worried they were lovely guys. The kids nicknamed the plumber Mario as he looked like him, even with the blue overalls and the assistant did look like Luigi. The gas man was telling me all about how he had surgery on his spine a couple of weeks ago and it was his first week back at work, he even showed me his scar. Eek! 

The boiler was put in and I can't believe it all went smoothly, it's the first time any work in this house has gone well, without any hiccups. We even got a new carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarms and gas safety certificate.

I didn't realise how rubbish our old boiler was until they put the new one in. While they were testing the boiler I could feel the heat coming from the radiator in the living room which never happens. I put my hand on it and usually I can but not now, I almost burned myself. When I used to have a bath I would only put hot water in, no cold and could get straight in but now we've realised that we have to have the cold tap running too as the hot water is so hot so it works out that we are filling the bath in half of the time so we're already saving money there.

It's so wrong but I am wanting some cold weather to try the heating out properly. hehehe How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. Lucky it didn’t break down when it was winter! We don’t have a boiler but we have a hot water tank. Years ago it exploded when I was at work and my mum was looking after Sam who was three at the time. Lucky I work close to home and I raced over to see all this water spurting out the top of the tank. I had no clue what to do and called the neighbour over to help. He shut off the water and then we had to get it replaced. Those things are so expensive! It’ll be great having a new boiler next winter.

  2. A big relief to get it all sorted I imagine. Mario and Luigi obviously did a good job! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  3. Like Ruth said, you are lucky it didn't break down in winter, mine did when we were in our old home and it took over a week to get it replaced and it was so cold it even snowed. brrr. At least you know you will be toasty next winter. It made me laugh to know you had Mario and Luigi out to do the work! x

  4. Glad the new boiler installation went so well and that your heating and hot water is so much better as a result. #WotW

  5. Mario and Luigi! LOL. I love that. Glad to hear the new boiler is already working so well.

  6. Oh no I hope that wasn't an expensive fix for you. It was good they could fix it so quickly. I hope it helps cut the cost of your bills #WotW