Friday 26 May 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Warm! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I was going to use the word hot to describe this past week but I think I will go with warm and save hot for later on in the year when no doubt we will be roasting in some sort of heatwave. hehehe

It finally feels like we've turned a corner and summer is on it's way. It has been lovely here for the past week. The sun has been shining and it has been warm out. Warm enough to wear short sleeved tops with no hoodies or cardigans needed. I said to Stu on Sunday if the weather could stay like this for all of the summer I would be so happy. It was really warm but there was enough breeze to stay cool and not sweat.

I have been busy in the garden washing the plastic table and chairs and even the cushions off the sun loungers ready to start spending more time outside. On Sunday we had a lovely afternoon out, going for a roast dinner. I really fancied one but it was too hot to spend time in the kitchen cooking. We called into the pub on the way home, it was real beer garden weather.

The sun shining has given me so much motivation. I am even waking up before my alarm clock now feeling like I have had enough sleep. I think it's time to get rid of one of the extra duvets, our bedroom gets so warm, especially on a morning when the sun is starting to shine.

Becky did a thing on Saturday, she has been on about cutting her hair short for ages and now the weather is warming up she thought it was the best time to do it. She wanted me to cut it but I said no, bob's and trims I can do but I didn't feel comfortable cutting it so short and she didn't want to pay to go to a hairdresser so I mentioned it to my dad and he said he'd come and cut it! I 100% trusted him, he used to cut mine and my brothers hair when we were young, he cuts his own hair and his partners too now.

Eldest new hair cut

Becky went from having hair from well past her shoulders to shorter than her ears in a matter of moments. She loves it and I do now. I wasn't too sure to start with, I have been used to seeing her with long hair since she was little. It has taken some getting used to. She has realised that she has an extra 15 minutes of spare time before work now because she doesn't have to brush her long hair and tie it back.

I decided now the weather is getting warmer I needed a couple of new outfits so I had a look on Shein and while I was looking I asked Ellie for a list of things that she wants for her birthday. I thought might as well buy everything in one go to get the maximum discount and I did. The basket came to £140 something pounds and I managed to get it down to £104 which wasn't too bad considering I got 3 outfits and plenty of things for Ellie. I might even have an outfit for the wedding we're going to later in the year!

We are now heading into half term and it looks like the weather is going to be warm for the school holidays too. Hooray! We don't have much planned apart from relaxing and not thinking about exams.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. It has been nice weather hasn't it. I love Becky's hair, it really suits her and your Dad is a great hairdresser. Boo has asked for a shorter cut when school is finished but when I asked her to show me some pics of what she wants it's not that short after all. Saying that, her hair is almost to her bottom at the moment. I cut my eldest daughter's hair, but she really doesn't care how well it's cut, I just stick it in a pony tail and chop away. I'm no hairdresser.

  2. I think she'll enjoy short hair; it is so easy to take care of. That's what my sister did some years ago. She never wants to spend lots of time curling, straightening, etc. She showers and blow dries hers. She has thicker hair than my fine straight mess. I can't go too short or it ends up in my face and I really don't have the face for it. I keep mine about just below my jaws. Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, that's such a big change. I always had my hair long, so I know what a big change it is to cut it short, although I never tried something as radical as she did. It's fantastic that she is loving the new look and it does save time.

  4. Short hair definitely has its perks! I have such thick hair that it was always short from like age 5 to 11! (My parents got divorced when I was 5, and I then lived with my dad and grandmother, and they [wisely] were not about to tackle those long tangles and knots on a regular basis, haha!) Your daughter will be getting a lot of time back this summer! :)

  5. Hasn't it been lovely to have some sunshine and warm weather? I'm with you on this being perfect weather - not too hot and lovely and sunny. I love Becky's haircut - it looks great. Well done to your dad for doing such a good job. I can well imagine it took some getting used to though! Hope you all have a lovely half-term x #WotW

  6. I go from long hair to short like that. Haven't done so in a while but love the feeling of short hair after having it long for a while. Is Shein a good place to buy from? I see things I like on there but have never purchased anything. It sounds like it is good value for money #WotW