Monday 8 May 2023

(Ad - Gifted) Gin liqueurs from Manchester Drinks Company - Review!

Over the last few years I have really started to enjoy drinking gin. I was put off it when I was a teenager. I may have stolen a bottle from my dad when I was about 13 years old, sat in a park with my friends, drank it, was sick and had my first and worst ever hangover! Gin's have changed now though. There are amazing gin liqueurs and so many flavours, they're nothing like the gin I drank when I was a teenager. 

Rhubarb and Ginger gin liqueur

For fans of a refreshing gin liqueur Manchester Drinks Company offers a great selection of fantastic gin liqueurs at affordable prices with three delicious flavours: Parma Violet, Mystical Unicorn (infused with candy floss and marshmallows) and Rhubarb and Ginger. 

I was lucky enough to be sent the Rhubarb & Ginger one to try out. My first thought was I could imagine drinking this sat in the garden, with plenty of ice on a summers evening!

With an ABV of 20% as opposed to the usual 37.5%, gin liqueurs are considerably lighter in alcohol. They are typically mixed to make spritzy drinks, cocktails and can also just be drank over ice.

Rhubarb & Ginger gin with ice

Both rhubarb and ginger have become rather popular flavours in the drinks world over the last few years. I love the two flavours together. You get the tangy, sweet rhubarb followed by the spice from the ginger. 

I mixed a shot and a half of the Rhubarb & Ginger gin liqueur with some lemonade to give it a try. Some people prefer tonic water but I am not a fan so it's always lemonade for me. This was so good. It might look like I had really watered the gin liqueur down with the lack of colour but there was a real kick to it. I have read that this goes really well with Ginger beer so I am going to have to try that out if this bottle lasts that long. hehehe It is delicious and I can see myself easily buying more for for the summer! It is really refreshing.

Rhubarb & ginger Gin from Manchester Drinks

The Manchester Drinks Company 500ml gin liqueurs are available from Home Bargains and Quality Save for only £7.99 which I think is a bargain price. They are perfect for every occasion and capture the flavours of spring and summer evenings. With Father's Day next month they could also be a great gift for the gin loving man in your life.

Are you a gin drinker? What is your favourite flavour?

I was sent the Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Love gin, don't like rhubarb. I actually bought some tonic the other day to have a gin and then didnt drink any.

  2. I'm not really a gin drinker but I can tolerate it. This sounds nice though.

  3. I also had a bad experience with gin as a teenager so I reluctantly tried a rhubarb gin. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste although I still wouldn't choose to drink it!


  4. I do enjoy a nice gin and tonic but I didn't know that you could get gin liqueurs. I like the flavour combination.

  5. Thisiswhereitisat13 May 2023 at 16:12

    Ooo yummy X

  6. Mmmmm is all i have to say