Tuesday 12 July 2022

Three years at college, done!

That's it, Becky has officially left full time education, well she did a couple of weeks ago. It seems crazy to think about that I have fully raised a child. It doesn't seem two minutes since I left Becky in nursery crying because she hated new people and now here she is finished college with a job!

My eldest dressed up

For the past 3 years Becky has studied Health & Social care at college. When Becky went for her college interview she was given the option of doing either the Level 2 or 3 of the Health and Social care course. We decided it was for the best to do level 2, get used to college life, make some friends, get used to what is expected of her work wise and move onto the Level 3 the following year. We didn't want to put too much stress on her after all we had just moved house, to a totally new area.

Becky settled in well at college and to be honest it was fun for her. She grew in confidence, learned to be herself instead of copying all the cool/mean girls and decided that boys were not for her. She had a few girlfriends throughout her time at college but ended up seeing one for a couple of years. Things didn't work out so she's now enjoying the single life.

To start off with Becky was in college for 3 days a week and then Covid arrived and she had online lessons at home. I enjoyed them as much as she did, one of her tutors was easily distracted from what he was supposed to be teaching so always talked about random things. It was funny to hear.

Working at home

Level 2 was passed with flying colours and Becky moved onto the two year, Level 3 course. It was much of the same which she learned on Level 2 but it went into more depth.

With Covid in full swing there was no chance of doing a placement and 75 hours work experience which was part of the course. They just plodded on with the coursework. Becky found the work so much harder than the Level 2 course but ploughed through and her tutors have reassured her saying she has done more than enough to pass.

Becky made some good friends at college, some of which that I think will be friends for life. She thought that when she left school that would be the end of the cliques and silly drama that teenage girls create but no, she had a few little dramas, arguments with people but it was all always talked through like adults.

My biggest worry about Becky going to college was her getting the bus but I am proud to say she never missed it to college once. It's a different story with her getting home though, the bus was either full or just didn't turn up. She got the hang of getting the bus into town and then another bus home. She would say the best thing about being at college is that she had a bus pass. For the first year she only used it for college but then realised she could use it on any Stagecoach bus so she did. We paid £30 a term and she's had her money's worth and more. She even pushed her luck and used it to go to Hull which is the opposite direction to her college. lol She is already lost without it and really hates paying bus fare like normal people. hahaha

Just as Becky started her 3rd year at college she got a part time job in a care home. It is the type of care home where she wanted to work, not just with old people. While some people on her course were being sent on placement, working for free she could use her part time job as placement and work experience. She worked night shifts which I thought she would struggle with but she loves them.

Being at college has given Becky the chance to grow up and become more independent. I am so proud of the young woman that she has become. 


  1. You must be so very proud of her, I know I would be. She's going to do really well I'm sure. Tell her she can afford a bus pass now she has a job :)

  2. Wonderful, your pride shines through, am sure she will go from strength to strength, life at school or college is much more than the academics, the life and people skills have grown her too @msedollyp

  3. So great to read about how well Becky has done with college and now in full-time work. It was wonderful that she was able to complete her course especially with COVID and everything. Well done and congratulations to her and your lovely family Kim! xx

  4. It sounds like college has been great for her. I hope she enjoys whatever she does next x

  5. That is wonderful! It sounds like she really developed a lot of great skills by going to college.

  6. Thisiswhereitisat16 July 2022 at 22:24

    That is amazing achievement. I she has come so far and you should be so proud! Well done Becky x