Saturday 9 July 2022

Week 27 of #Project365. 2nd - 8th July. A photo every day for a year!

I feel like I haven't stopped this week, we have been busy. We had a full on weekend. Stu and Becky were working on Saturday and Ellie and I took ourselves off to an agricultural show, Sunday Stu came along to the show too and then I had a weekends worth of housework to catch up on Monday, all the usual jobs in a week and I had a trip to the cinema to see the newest Thor film. I am so glad it's the weekend. I am looking forward to a lie in this morning and maybe some time out in the garden this afternoon as the weather is supposed to be amazing!

Now for a photo every day!

Motorbike stunts
Little Iron Man figure and flowers
Bananas and tango ice blast
Gazpacho Soup

183/365 - 2nd July
I spent some time watching the show jumping at the agricultural show until Ellie's friend and her friends mum arrived who we were spending the day with.

184/365 - 3rd July
More motorbike stunts. I did share some photos on last weeks My Sunday Snapshot post. These were totally different to one's flying through the air though. The guy commentating was hilarious too, full of dad jokes. hehehe

185/365 - 4th July
We had a look at the new Marvel Battle Balls from Funko Games. I am a sucker for anything Marvel so was really interested. I can imagine these being a big hit with kids over the summer.

186/365 - 5th July
I now have a few of these flowers, all different colours. They're so pretty.

187/365 - 6th July
Last week the kids were crazy about bananas and we went through loads. Obviously when I buy extra they aren't eating them which is just typical. They did all get eaten. I had banana sandwiches for lunch one day and we had them chopped up with custard after tea one evening.

188/365 - 7th July
I had a Tango Ice Blast when I went to the cinema. Thor: Love and Thunder was brilliant. I laughed more than I was expecting and still chuckle to myself now when I think about the screaming goats. lol

189/365 - 8th July
I was taking some photos for a blog post of some Gazpacho soup. It was just what I needed when the weather was so warm.

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  1. The soup looks delicious. We buy lots of bananas too, as we have a smoothie each morning, so we can never have too many bananas. :)

  2. N never eats bananas when I buy them so I just buy in ones or twos. He will have banana custard though, and sometimes a smoothie.

  3. The same here with bananas, it's either not enough, or they go brown in the fruit rack. I can't wait to see Thor, maybe we can go to the movies this weekend. The agricultural show sounds fun. Very pretty flowers. What are they? They look familiar, but I can't remember the name.

  4. The show looks a lot of fun, I love going to things like this. I haven't had bananas with custard for years

  5. The agricultural show looked like fun. Isn’t that typical with bananas – my kids are just the same! I don’t think I’ve ever tried Gazpacho soup. #project365

  6. My kids are exactly the same with bananas and other food, love it until I buy loads then go off it! Fab motorbike stunts. I've never tried gazpacho and am wondering about the screaming goats in the film...! #project365