Thursday 14 July 2022

(Ad - Gifted) A Postal Brownie Box from Chummys Bakery!

One of my favourite sweet treats are Brownies. Crunchy, gooey in the middle, can be eaten warm or cold and just delicious. They really are the perfect treat so when I was asked if I would like to try something out from Chummys Bakery I was drawn straight to the brownies.

A Postal Brownie Box from Chummys Bakery

Give someone a smile or satisfy your own cravings with scrumptious treats from Chummys Bakery. Create your very own brownie delivery box and mix and match their delicious brownie flavours or send a box of chunky New York style cookies.

We choose to receive the Postal Brownie Box from Chummys Bakery which is full of their bestselling brownies. 

Chummys Bakery packaging

I know on their website it says they use beautiful eco-packaging but what arrived was stunning. It really was beautiful packaging, I am a sucker for anything wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. You can see the care and effort which goes into the parcels that they are sending out. As soon as I opened the box I could smell the brownies and I couldn't wait to give them a try.

Chummys Bakery have put together their most delicious and best selling brownies into one box. The Lotus Biscuit, Ferrero Rocher, Triple Chocolate, Nutella, Salted Caramel and Kinder Bueno.

best selling brownies

The brownies come arrived wrapped in protective paper that keeps them fresh during delivery. Once delivered the brownies will keep longer if placed in an air tight container or in a cool dry place and can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Of course they didn't last that long. I tried one straight away. I got to have first pick before the kids came in and went with the Nutella one. I warmed it in the microwave for about 10 minutes and it was amazing! 

Nutella Brownie

As soon as Ellie came in from school she could smell the brownies and of course had to sample them. I had decided to cut the 5 which were left into quarters so we all could have a taste of each flavour and my plan worked perfectly. We all enjoyed trying them and the girls said their favourites were a tie between the 
Lotus Biscuit one and the Kinder Bueno one. Stu and I are simpler people and we much preferred the Triple Chocolate one but the one I enjoyed the most was the Nutella one I had earlier on with a cup of tea, when no one else was in the house. It felt like such a treat.

These brownies are great for gifts, whether for a birthday or to cheer someone up. With the end of the school year coming up they could be great for teachers too. I imagine they would love a brownie with a cuppa on a break. 

Brownies on a plate

A Postal Brownie Box from Chummys Bakery costs £15.50 and all items are shipped via DPD Next Day Delivery. The boxes do not fit through a letterbox so it is a good idea you choose a safe place to deliver to if the recipient is not home.

As well as brownies Chummys Bakery have a fantastic looking selection of cookies, blondies, rock road treats and cupcakes too.

I was sent the Postal Brownie Box from Chummys Bakery free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Oh these look amazing! I love brownies with a cup of tea.
    I love how well presented they are, perfect for gifting to someone. x

  2. Thisiswhereitisat16 July 2022 at 22:22

    Ooo these look yum, how lovely to receive them in the post X