Wednesday 6 July 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Marvel Battle Balls from Funko Games - Review!

We are big Marvel fans here and love anything to do with the films, tv shows and characters so when I was asked if I wanted to have a look at the Marvel Battleworld: Ultimate Armory Battle Balls I said of course!! 

Marvel Battle Balls from Funko Games

Funko Games invites you back into the Marvel Universe with the launch of the third series of Marvel Battleworld: Ultimate Armory; the revolutionary collectible adventure game. Series 3, Ultimate Armory, features all the fun and adventure of the first two Marvel Battleworld games with more figures, more locations, new game mechanics, more adventure!

Marvel Battleworld’s collectible adventure games from Funko Games drop you right into the heart of the Marvel Universe. Uniquely, they can be played solo, enabling you to jump in straightaway or you can team up with friends and family to defeat Thanos and save the universe.

Marvel Battle Ball contents

All the games feature collectible figures, which come with tradeable game cards to promote immersive, cooperative play. The perfectly portable Battle Balls contains two figures to start your adventure, including one hidden in the mysterious Thanostone.

Included in a Battle Ball is:

1 Hero.
1 Hero Card.
1 Thanostones containing 1 Mystery Hero.
1 Mystery Hero Card.
5 Battle Cards.
1 Attack Die.
5 Danger Tokens.
3 Armor Tokens.
1 Danger Coin.

Marvel Scarlet Witch

Collect and play with another 30 unique characters and use all new Armor Tokens to make the battles more challenging and help your heroes in making more powerful attacks! Ultimate Armory builds on the previous games in the series:

Mystery of the Thanostones introduced Battleworld with the potential to collect 30+ figures including an exclusive Negative Zone Spider-Man variant and the follow up, Treachery at Twilight, expanded on the launch series, introducing brand new locations, battles and game mechanics to continue to challenge players.

Marvel Battle cards

I read the instructions how to play and at first it seemed a little complicated but once I had looked at everything in the battle ball it made sense. 

This video explains how to play!

All the games feature expansion options including additional heroes, vehicles and more, perfect for Marvel fans young and old, while the multi-channel animated series encourages kids and grown-ups alike to play together and seek out extra characters. Start with the compact Battle Balls, perfect for staycations and travel, then jumpstart your collection with the Mega Packs.

Iron Man

I think the Marvel Battle Balls will be great for kids and even adults to play over the summer. I know when I was a child I loved things like this. Collectible figures, card games and the added mystery of the hidden figure in the Thanostone. I was very happy with hero figures in this Battle Ball. Iron Man is one of my favourite Marvel characters and I like the Scarlet Witch, mostly.

Suitable for ages 6+ these games are available to buy from Amazon and Funko Games for a recommended retail price of £7.99.

Is this something you or your children would like?

I was sent the Marvel Battle Balls from Funko Games free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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