Saturday 16 July 2022

Week 28 of #Project365. 9th - 15th July. A photo every day for a year!

This week has definitely had it's ups and downs. Hooray for the sunshine but it got too hot and we have more of the heatwave to come. Eek! I did enjoy most of the week but did have a grumpy day on Tuesday when I was tired from not sleeping because of the heat and because I didn't sleep properly I had a headache. Ugh. Ellie has had loads going on at school, trips, fun days and sports day but it is worrying that over the past 2 weeks all of the teachers that she has have came down with Covid. I am hoping we get to the summer holidays without her catching it. Just one week to go.

Now for a photo everyday! 

A bee on a flower and blue sky
A new sink and doughnuts
A toy car
Slush Puppie and my eldest

190/365 - 9th July
I love that my garden is full of bees. I like bee's, better than wasps anyway.

191/365 - 10th July
A beautiful blue sky.

192/365 - 11th July
We were getting a new sink put and and Stu told the landlord to hang fire while he made a cabinet to go around it. This is what he made with scraps of wood that my dad had lying about. It's a smaller sink than the old one but it has a fancy mixer tap and space around the sides to put things on.

193/365 - 12th July
Stu knew that I was in a grumpy mood so bought doughnuts on his way home from work. We all got one. Mine was the chocolate custard one which seemed so boring compared to the one's the girls got

194/365 - 13th July
Ellie went on a Geography field trip to a nature reserve and had a great day paddling in the river and exploring the local area. They got free time to look around the shops and Ellie bought this toy car. It was a bargain at 50p. It is proper metal and is so heavier than I thought it would be.

195/365 - 14th July
The kids have had these Slush Puppie cups for ages and they do come in handy. You put the inner bit in the freezer until it's frozen and when it is, it keeps your drink cold and adds slush to it.

196/365 - 15th July
Becky in her usual position. hehehe We didn't have much to do and the weather wasn't great, grey and damp so we had a pretty quiet day.

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  1. I love attracting the bees to the garden with our flowers. Give me bees over wasps any day!
    Stu did a fab job of your bathroom sink unit. He's super handy with jobs around the house.
    The slush puppie cups are a fab idea, I will be having plenty of slushies over the next few days. xx

  2. The slush puppy cups sound just what's needed at the moment. I'm not liking the heat either. I love a custard donut - keep them simple I think. So often I get drawn in to fancier ones, but they're never as good as I expect.

  3. Stu is handy around the home, good job with the sink cupboard. I'd eat any donut if I was allowed to

  4. Love the photo of the bee on the cornflower. I like bees too. Your new sink looks great. How nice of Stu to buy doughnuts on the way home from work. Those Slush Puppy cups sound good. Becky looks very comfy on the sofa with her laptop. #project365

  5. That is a brilliant picture of the bumble bee. It has been our last week of term, so we have had krispy kreme's too, so nice but one is enough!!

  6. It was much to hot to do a lot so staying in with a computer sounds ideal! I think your doughnut looks and sounds delicious. #project365