Friday 15 July 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Eventful! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I could have easily have used the words hot or even busy but I have used them over the past few weeks so I am going with eventful.

Ellie's week started off with her being grounded again. The lad next door knocked at our door and handed me Ellie's phone and water bottle as he had to be in because it was 7pm, the same time she was supposed to be in. I was stressed because I had no way to get in touch with her or know where she was. I was just about to ring a different friend when she walked in, 20 minutes late. She gave him her phone and bottle to look after as he had a bag then lost track of him. Another lesson learned, don't give your phone to anyone because it makes your mam angry. 

She has had a busy week at school or mostly not at school. Monday was a normal day apart from everyone could wear their PE kits for the rest of the time as they are cooler apparently. I don't think they are but it didn't matter much as Ellie has had 3 non-uniform days this past week. 

On Tuesday she went to visit a local college with her year and give some lessons a try out. She didn't hate the college but it cemented the fact that it isn't the one for her. The other college she has her eye on has a better engineering department. The best thing about the college on Tuesday was that they had a Costa cafe in it. lol

On Wednesday she was off to a nature reserve with the rest of everyone taking GCSE geography. They were spotting wildlife and measuring water levels. The best thing about the day was the free time they got to explore the shops. She took a packed lunch and then still bought something from Greggs and some sweets.

Thursday was sports day. I went to my dad's and heard all the kids cheering and shouting as I walked past. Ellie didn't take part, she is not the sporty type but did enjoy watching. 

Today was supposed to be a wellbeing day at school. Ellie told me early in the week they were going for a walk around the town then people were bringing their pets in to school. She was partly right. They were going to go for a walk to the local woods where they are going to have a picnic and then on the afternoon there are therapy animals being brought in, not peoples pets. lol Due to too many staff being off with Covid that has been postponed until next week which is a shame.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening waiting for my Gousto box that didn't arrive. Apparently the driver was delayed as he couldn't get to my house. The woman on the live chat said that there was an event on or roadworks slowing him down. She said she would keep me updated but didn't. When I finally spoke to someone on Monday morning they said I wouldn't be getting my box this week and offered me a refund and money off my next box. I'm in no rush to get another at the moment but next time I do I won't be getting it on a Sunday. We've probably had 6 deliveries and I've had issues with 2 of those.

I feel like I have just been trying to survive this past week with it being so hot. I spent half an hour in the garden reading and that was enough for me. I had the worst nights sleep on Monday night and was in a right grump all day Tuesday with a headache. Ugh. Thankfully after a better nights sleep I was back to my cheerful self. I am glad it's been a little cooler for the last couple of days before it heats back up over the weekend.

I had a little win the other day. I received an email with a Red Letter Days voucher. I sort of remember entering a giveaway as one with the prize but I can't remember where from. I thought it was a scam so didn't click any links and went to the website and it was real. It was for the Dining Delights experience but it turns out the nearest place to us is 3 buses and 3 hours away so I exchanged it for Dining at ASK Italian and a cinema voucher for 2 and popcorn which will be great for the birthdays that we have coming up.

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one.

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  1. Well done on your win! It sounds like Ellie is enjoying her last days at school. I think Boo is too, at least she's managed to go in every day. She's looking forward to singing in the school concert next week. The last few weeks of school are always fun, but you can see them getting tired too. xx

  2. Eventful is quite accurate for your week - you are a busy mother. My week had me going to appointments every morning just about. Had my hair trimmed yesterday which made me happy. I go every 2 months and just have a trim to get the shape back. This morning I'm off to the chiropractor. Nothing hard - just chackling off items in my head. I hope your weekend isn't too hot. Out weather is really hot and humid in the summer and I mostly stay inside with my a/c keeping me cool.

  3. Our week was pretty eventful too; we're on vacation in the Smoky mountains right now so lots of hiking and touristy things filling up our week.

  4. You have had an eventful week matey! I get a grumpy sod when the weather gets too hot. It always gives me a headache because the pollen count is generally sky high as well!
    We need a/c in our houses hehe! I'll be moving into the car at this rate.
    Well done on your win! It's a nice surprise when you forget about entering a comp.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Oh my goodness, that must have been stressful being given Ellie’s phone and not knowing where she was or being able to contact her. The day at the nature reserve sounded like fun. Hope that she was able to have the wellbeing day this week. Well done on winning the voucher in the giveaway. Hope you’ve been coping ok with the heat this week x #WotW