Friday 22 July 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Heat! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


During the winter I always long for the summer but now it's here I wish is was winter again. lol I have not been coping well with this heat. Of course the biggest news of this week is the heatwave that we have had. My family and I are not lovers of the sun. We prefer to stay inside where it's cool but the problem about the last week was that even inside was hot!

On Monday I laughed at the heat warnings, it didn't seem as bad as the weather people were making out. Yes it was hot but we kept all the curtains shut which kept it coolish in here. We coped with it. Ellie went to school and came home a sweaty mess but still asked to play out with friends. I said no. It was too hot for that and I know that she would forget to drink plenty. 

Ellie woke up with a headache and said felt sick on Tuesday morning. She seemed OK in herself but I didn't take much convincing to let her have the day off from school. None of us slept well and it was nice to go back to sleep for an extra couple of hours sleep. I do think Ellie was faking being poorly to have the day off as I know a lot of her friends were staying off school too. Ellie does sweat more than the average person and that is caused by her heart problems so in the heat we were having it probably was best for her to stay home. She was of course fine by lunchtime. 

On Tuesday it felt like a different type of heat than what we've been having! I stuck my head out of the back door a couple of times and it felt like my eyeballs were burning! It felt quite breezy outside but it was just hot air. The local infant and junior schools and some local shops shut at lunchtime and I had washing to go out onto the line but I couldn't bring myself to go out. 

40C weather

At almost half past five it reached 40C here with us. We were just sat here, not moving and were still sweating. The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was yesterday in Coningsby, Lincolnshire which is about 50 miles from us. Eek! I always though that it was London which got the hottest temperature's but apparently not. 

Stu was dreading going to work but he says the bus rides weren't that bad, the worst thing were the idiots spraying deodorant on the back of the bus. Deodorant and hot air does not go well together. At work there was air conditioning until it stopped working but the managers brought round drinks and ice lollies until the air con started working again. Phew! He said of course it was hot in Hull but coming back over the bridge into North Lincolnshire he felt the temperature rise.

Becky slept through most of the heat on Tuesday as she was working a night shift. She got up at half past six and went to work at about half past seven and in that time she must have said "it's too hot" about 80 times. She had me sweating just watching her faff about. lol

Thankfully on Wednesday it started to cool down and by yesterday the heat had just about gone. As I am writing this I am feeling very annoyed with Tesco. I did my normal weekly shop online and it turns out half of it was unavailable, all my fridge and freezer stuff. It's understandable that they had issues with their fridges and freezers after the heatwave but it's annoying that they still have the products which are unavailable still available to order online. Grr! If I had known most of my order was unavailable I would have left it for a couple of days. I now have an Asda shop coming today with the missing stuff. Hopefully everything is delivered this time.

How have you coped with the heat?

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  1. My husband and older son have been struggling with the heat this week since they work outside in a sand/ gravel pit and it gets pretty hot and dusty there under normal circumstances. We've had a decent breeze coming off the lake most days so as long as we don't move too much it's been bearable.

  2. phew, it has been hot hasn't it! I hope all of your shopping arrives today, I've had to do a top up shop too, it was mostly drinks that were missing in my shop. xx

  3. It was ridiculously hot wasn't it? We hit 40'C here as well. I really struggled with the heat on Tuesday - as you say, even the breeze was hot. Glad Ellie was ok and that it wasn't too bad at work for Stu. That's really frustrating with the Tesco shop. I'd be annoyed as well. Hope that everything turned up with the Asda shop. #WotW

  4. I don't watch the news but I couldn't help hearing about the heatwave in England on the radio. My goodness 40C is so hot!! We get many days like that here and even though I really love Summer. Those unbearably hot days make it hard to get a good night sleep. Thankfully we have air conditioning now but when we first moved into our place over twenty years ago we didn't. I remember we had some 40C days and one time when I got home from work. My candlesticks that I had as decorations in the dining room had melted. They were leaning over all curled up to one side!!

  5. We all had a similar week, lol. Hope the shopping arrives this time. I actually went into Sainsburys and the ice lol freezers were empty. Hope next week we all fare better.