Wednesday 13 July 2022

Two days at Winterton Agricultural Show.

When we first moved here to Scunthorpe my dad mentioned an agricultural show which happens every year and he took us on the 2nd weekend that we lived here. It was a fantastic couple of days out and we were looking forward to it the next year but then Covid happened and it was postponed for 2 years. We have had a long wait for it to happen again but a couple of weekends ago it happened and we had the best time.

Large horses

The Winterton Agricultural society was formed in 1872 to further the interests of a rapidly modernising agricultural community. Now the two day Show occupies over 20 acres, which the society now owns to accommodate the growing demand for trade stands, sideshows and entertainment, The Show caters for many agricultural and countryside pursuits involving all elements of the local and neighbouring communities. It successfully blends a variety of events appealing to both rural and town dwellers.

The plan was for us all to go as a family. Ellie would go off with her friends and Becky with her girlfriend but then things changed. Stu got a new job and works Saturdays, Becky split up with her girlfriend and couldn't actually get the weekend off work so it was just Ellie and I going on the Saturday. I wasn't really looking forward to it because Ellie had planned to hang out with her friends which meant I would be alone. Hmmf. As it turns out Ellie's friend and her friends mum were going too and we hung out with them for most of the day. It was fantastic to have some company and we had such a great time.


Ellie and I arrived a little earlier than our friends so we had a walk around and ended up sitting watching the show jumping. What we did notice is that everything that was there the first time we went 3 years ago was in the same place which is fantastic for finding your way around.

Ellie and her friend were so funny. They kept seeing people they knew and would say that's so and so from their class or a different year. I didn't have a clue who most of them were but we did end up bumping into and walking past some of their teachers. Which caused the girls to squeal and get very excited. You would think they had never seen a teacher in every day clothes and outside of school. hehehe

There were plenty of stalls and things to look at while walking around and there was always something going on in the main ring. The lads on motorbikes doing stunts were fearless and it was pretty amazing to see.

Motorbike stunts

Around lunchtime the floats arrived. The schools, nurseries and day care locally all design and decorate a float which goes around the streets before arriving at the showground. The little kids were just adorable and you could see they had worked so hard on their floats.

Everywhere we turned there was something to see. Farm animals and machinery, acrobats, crafts, food stalls. I think my most overused phrase of the weekend was "ohh, look at that".

Sheep and acrobats
the Cavalry of Heroes

I think my favourite displays in the main ring were The Cavalry of Heroes. On the Saturday they performed a tribute to the horses and soldiers of World War One which was beautiful and on the Sunday it was all about the musketeers fighting against the highwayman and his bandits which was action packed.

The Cavalry of Heroes display

Before we knew it the first day of the show was nearly over and we headed home ready to do it all again the next day but this time with Stu.

By the 2nd day Ellie had seen all the stalls so had no interest in them and wanted to be off with her friends. We kept her with us in the morning but the afternoon was hers. She ended up spending it with her friends where the fairground rides were so we knew where to find her.

Stu and I had a good look around, got the most amazing pork, stuffing and apple sauce filled bun. It was that good that we ended up going back later on for another. lol We also found the beer tent and the area where the bands were on. We sat there for a couple of hours just watching the world go by.

Big tractor and motorbike stunts

When we first went to the show 3 years ago we knew no one apart from my dad and his partner but over that weekend we saw so many people we knew. People Stu has worked with, Ellie's friends, people we know through my dad and of course the man over the road who I don't think knows my name. He just calls me Rosy or Bluebell depending on what hair colour I have. lol

We had such a good weekend. I was knackered by the end of it with all the walking I had done. My legs were aching but it was worth it and we will do it all again next year and hopefully Becky will be able to get time off work. She's planning on putting her holidays in before Christmas. lol

Have you visited any agricultural shows before?


  1. Oh wow; that does look and sound like so much fun!!

  2. It looks really great fun. There was me thinking an agricultural show would be about cows and tractors, but it has so much more. I'm glad you had lovely weekend. I don't think I'd have been able to watch those motorbike stunts though!! xx

  3. Thisiswhereitisat16 July 2022 at 22:23

    What a fun day out x