Thursday 28 July 2022

50 outdoor family activities to do this summer!

We always want to spend time as a family and while the weather is nice it's so good to get outside. Getting outside and enjoying nature is great for physical and mental wellbeing. Sometimes I have to drag the kids kicking and screaming but once we actually get outside they're always happy and do enjoy themselves. 

I know sometimes I am lacking some inspiration for how to turn a day in the great outdoors into a really fun adventure.

silhouette of a family

These are some great ideas to have some outdoor fun and maybe one or two might be something that you have never thought of.

The top 50 outdoor family activities to do this summer according to parents:

Have a picnic.
Watch the sun rise and set.
Go to theme parks.
Bike rides.
Swim in the sea.
Go to nature reserves.
Sightsee in a city.
Jump in the waves.
Fruit picking.
Build sandcastles.
Star gaze on a clear night.
Go to an adventure playground.
Play in a paddling pool.
Go searching for creatures in rock pools.
Dig huge holes on the beach.
Bury your legs in the sand.
Bird watching.
Play tennis.
Water balloon fights.
Slide down a water slide.
Play swing ball.
Mountain biking.
A UK Safari.
Play on a bouncy castle.
Build a den.
Jump into a river.
Go on a treasure hunt.
Hunt for bugs.
Play on a rope swing.
Cloud spotting.
Snorkel in the sea.
Fossil hunting.
Play a big game of rounders.
Trail runs.
Build nests for wildlife.
Make an obstacle course.
Ride on electric scooters.
Roller blading.
 Learn a new sport.

I know we will be doing plenty of these things. As well as them being fun a lot don't cost any money like watching the sun set, birdwatching and cloud spotting.

Do you have any outdoor fun planned for over the summer holidays?


  1. I can't wait for Summer to enjoy some of the fun things on your list. I agree that it's great to do things as a family and it sure does get harder the older they get!!

  2. I like that most of these activities are either free or cheap. There are a few things I wouldn't do, like roller blading. :)) I hope you can do as many as you want. Have fun!!

  3. Lovely activities to try out. I remember going rollerblading with friends when I was younger. I bet I wouldn't be as good now though haha!

  4. Thisiswhereitisat31 July 2022 at 20:51

    Awesome list for summer x