Thursday 28 June 2018

The best £25 I have spent in years!!

In March I had a John Lewis voucher to use and I was stumped to what to spend it on....The kids didn't need anything and we needed nothing for the house so I was going to treat us and buy something for us all to enjoy.

I bought the Breville Blend-Active Blender Family Pack for £25 from John Lewis but they don't seem to sell it any more. Breville still do though and other stores like Argos, Debenhams and AO.

Stu turned his nose up at it and said it's a waste of money and will never be used....The kids weren't too impressed either. Hmmf.

The Blend-Active is a personal blender from Breville that is designed for those on the go, who want to enjoy quick, easy and nutritious shakes, smoothies, slushies and protein drinks with no hassle simply blend and go.

The Breville Blend Active Family Pack includes:
Motorised base
2 x 600ml bottles
2 x 300ml bottles
A Recipe ideas booklet.

You simply put your favourite ingredients in the bottle, attach the blade unit, pop it onto the base unit, blend to your liking then replace the blades with the leak proof lid and go.

With one touch operation making blending fast and simple, the Blend-Active can be useful for milk and protein shakes for the health-conscious, slushies for the fun-lovers and smoothies for the fruity ones amongst us. 

I used it as soon as it arrived and it was simple and straightforward to use. Put whatever you want in the bottle and blend. 

In the past we have only ever had a jug blender which meant everyone had to drink the same or wash it out after making every drink which was a bit of a faff. With this you don't have to. Everyone gets what they want without any hassle. 

It took a bit of practice to get the right amount of fruit and milk/juice in. Sometimes it would end up too milky or too thick but I have just about perfected it now!

We haven't really followed any recipes we just add a bit of what we fancy. I have been buying the bags of frozen fruit from Tesco and as it's frozen it saves adding ice. I usually get the 500g bags of fruit which are on offer at the moment for 3 for £5 which I don't think is too expensive. 

I was feeling brave and tried the Spinach, Kiwi, Kale And Mango Superfood Smoothie using a pack from Tesco....It wasn't amazing but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. lol I hate spinach and didn't like the idea of Kale but couldn't really taste them....I have had a couple since so it's a new way to get extra greens into me....

My favourite smoothie is just frozen strawberries, fresh banana and milk. It is so simple but so good. Stu uses it most mornings....He likes fruit, milk and Belvita biscuits in it and that will fill him up until lunchtime.

The kids will drink anything if it is A few weeks after I got it my friend let me into the secret about ice cream, sweet smoothies and they are such a treat. Ellie loves vanilla ice cream a drop of milk and Skittles and Becky loves vanilla ice cream a drop of milk and Mint Aero.....

Considering no one else in the family wanted this blender they have all used it a lot....hehehe I think it's the best £25 I have spent in years! We are all getting extra fruit and veg into us and it is fab for blending ice. We have been making lots of slushies which is perfect for the weather we have been having!


  1. You’ve sold it to me. We had a jug blender but when it broke I got a hand blender so I didn’t have to keep washing the jug. We use it all the time too. The boys love a milkshake. #POCOLO

  2. What a good tine to purchase this, can't beat a good old juice X #pocolo

  3. Sounds great. I use my jug blender most days, but haven't been brave enough to add veggies

  4. I've something similar in my cupboard which I really should dig out. Loving the idea of ice cream as an ingredient too. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo