Saturday 30 June 2018

Football, Sick days and Dungarees - Week 26. #Project365

I am so over the heat we have had this week....Thankfully yesterday was a bit cooler. We have busyish weekend planned....I was watching This Morning during the week and they had the CBeebies presenter Maddie Moate on showing fun science experiments. We have started making a bouncy egg. We have it soaking in vinegar now....hehehe Then on Sunday it's our towns street fair which is always a good week out....

173/365 - 23rd June
Football! I am loving the World Cup!

174/365 - 24th June
A lazy Sunday....

175/365 - 25th June
Ellie made spaghetti bolognese at school....

176/365 - 26th June
I think Ellie had a bit of heat stroke. We ended up getting halfway to school before she puked. It was a day at home on the sofa for her....She is fine now.

177/365 - 27th June
We have been trying out YAZOO!

178/365 - 28th June
My favourite ice lollies at the moment. Orange and lemon from Iceland....

179/365 - 29th June
Ellie's dungarees arrived. She loves them. I can see her living in them over the summer!


  1. Ooh I love lollies. Never think of going to Iceland. Those dungarees are cute - she looks so young in them.

  2. The dungarees look great on her, hope she gets a lot of wear out of them over the summer. The heat has not been kind to everybody, glad whatever it was passed quickly.

  3. Those lollies sound tasty, alas, we don't have an Iceland in town. I'll have to check out the bouncy egg experiment online, I bet Eddie would love to do it Love the dungarees, they look comfy. Sorry to hear that Ellie wasn't too well with the heat. I was feeling pretty dizzy yesterday, and even had a lie in during the day, which usually never happens.

  4. She looks so cute in her new dungarees and I like the spaghetti shot too. Makes me hungry! #MMBC

  5. those dungarees are so lovely and really suit Ellie, I'm loving this hot weather, at least I can go outside.

  6. It's been so hot hasn't it, I'm loving it but my son has flaked out a lot #365

  7. I love citrus flavours so will look out for those orange and lemon ones. It's too hot! Can't believe I've said that of the UK! #project365

  8. Hope the spaghetti was good. Love the dungarees - they really suit her.