Saturday 9 June 2018

Razors, rewards and Daddy Pig. Week 23. #Project365

I am so glad it's the weekend....It has been a long week! We are all tired. This week has been a struggle but there has been a lot of happy moments. I seem to have had a lucky couple of weeks when it comes to entering competitions. As well as the couple of things I mention on this post I've won lots of tea, a cookbook, a £25 Tesco voucher and some perfume.

Now for a photo every day....

152/365 - 2nd June
My fella has been trying out the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition razor and I took the photos for the blog post on Saturday.

153/365 - 3rd June
On Sunday it was grey and wet so we decided to get cosy and watch a film. The Greatest Showman of course.

154/365 - 4th June
I won this Unicorn Garden and another Unicorn set which has been put away for someone's birthday from Melanies Fab Finds....We will be making it soon.

155/365 - 5th June
I won a letterbox bouquet from Interflora. When they arrived it didn't look like much in the box but once I had put the flowers in a vase I was pleasantly surprised...

156/365 - 6th June
We have been sent the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit to try out....Ellie took a bit of persuading not to do it straight away.

157/365 - 7th June
Ellie came home from school with 2 bags of sweets and some flavoured water. She was rewarded for doing the science SATs tests....She was one of 4 who took the tests out of our school so it was a pretty big deal. I am very proud.

158/365 - 8th June
My fella thought it was funny to get me Mummy Pig pj's for mothers day. I'm returning the favour for Fathers day.


  1. Lol @ Daddy pig goodies for Father's day. You are doing very well with comps recently, may long this luck continue. The flowers look lovely, and the unicorn garden looks interesting too. Big well done to Ellie, and you're right to be proud!

  2. I've still not seent he Greatest Showman. It'll probably be on tv before I get to it!

  3. Well done to Ellie for doing the science SATs. I saw some Daddy Pig pyjamas in Sainsburys and was tempted to get them for my husband, apart from that I know he would hate them! Well done on all the competition wins!

  4. Haha love the Pjs although it always freaks me out a bit to sleep in things with eyes on them. I had no idea there was such a thing as letterbox flowers!

  5. Love the Father's Day idea :D glad the flowers turned out to be a pleasant surprise and well done to Ellie x #365

  6. fab wins this week and love the father's day idea

  7. Love the Daddy Pig gift! I haven't seen the Greatest Showman as the trailers didn't appeal: should I try it? #project365

  8. The flowers look good for having come through the post. Don't blame you for getting your own back with Daddy Pig.