Wednesday 27 June 2018

The first of the lasts: Sports Day.

Last week was Ellie's last proper sports day.....She will have sports day's at the secondary school but parent's are not invited to watch....Hmmf!

It had been raining off and on for some of the week. It always seems to rain for sports day and then it gets cancelled. I think over the past 10 years we have had more rained off than we've actually had.

This year we seemed to have it earlier....Usually we have it in July so there was always the chance to reschedule. I needn't have worried as it was a glorious day.....So nice that I actually got sun burnt on my arms. Oops.

This year the school did things differently and it was fantastic! 

In past years the kids were at one side of the field and the parents at the other. Each child would run one race (the sprint) and one novelty race (the egg & spoon race or something like that). It was pretty boring for the parents unless you have lots of kids in different classes....There was usually a lot of waiting.

This time the kids were sat in year groups and you sat near the year group you wanted to watch and the kids ran their races and things like bean bags, sacks, eggs & spoons & hurdles were moved between the groups. There wasn't much waiting to see your child race....Ellie ran about 8 (probably more) races. I lost count. It was fun. 

There was bouncing a ball on a tennis racket and running race, the hurdles, balancing a bean bag on your head & running race, running backwards race, the three legged race and random other one's....

Ellie got a couple of first places and 2nd places and some third places too! I was so proud of her. She isn't great at running but does put 100% effort in and loves every second of it....

It was a proper primary school sports day and I loved it.....There was even a parents race but I chickened out. lol

I am really gutted that from now on there will be no more sports days for me....I hope Ellie enjoys them in the future without me....Wah, wah, wah. I feel like such a cry baby but it's the end of an era and one that I am not ready to be done with....

Have your children had their sports day? 

I hope they had fun!

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  1. awww it sounds bittersweet, but at least she has happy memories made X #bloggersbest

  2. So bittersweet to be at the end of an era. It sounds like the last sports day was a really good one though and was well organised to keep it interesting for the children and the parents. A huge well done to Ellie for doing so well x

  3. I was really surprised this year that parents could only attend if they were there as a volunteer. By the time I found this out, it was too late. Boo #bloggersbest

  4. It's great that her final sports day was better than usual - and that she won some races! No wonder you were proud. Technically I was allowed to go to the sports day at my daughter and eldest's school, but it is a long way away and I didn't have time. It's a shame, as my son is house captain, so it would have been a proud moment for me to see them both.

  5. I remember all these lasts coming thick and fast just 12 months ago for my daughter. At least you have some lovely pictures of her last sports day, and yes definitely no watching from the sidelines once they get to high school x

  6. That is a shame that you won't be allowed to go any more. We can, although I wasn't able to make it this year