Tuesday 19 June 2018

Let the fairies take your worries away with The 'No More Worries' Kit!

In about 5 weeks Ellie will be leaving the safe bubble that is primary school to start secondary school in September. The school have been great to support the emotional needs of the year sixes and Ellie has woman come in to help her with her emotions as well due to us suspecting that she may have some sort of Autism. They do a lot of talking about thoughts and feelings and we have had plenty of tips and tricks to use at home but there has always been something missing to keep Ellie's attention.....Until now!

Ellie is crazy about fairies and magic so when I had the chance to review The 'No More Worries' Kit from The Irish Fairy Door Company I jumped at the chance....

The 'No More Worries' Kit is the perfect way to express your feelings and give your worries away.

Ellie was very excited about this kit....When she first saw the box she thought it was so pretty and magical.

The kit includes:

A 'No More Worries' Mini Plaque

Place your thumb on the included 'No More Worries' Mini Plaque and think of your worry. When it glows red, the fairies are listening. When it turns green, you know they have taken your worry away! The Mini Plaque has an extendable cord and clip so you can bring it with you and use it anywhere!

I think this is a fantastic idea....To start with Ellie was just pressing the button to see the light change but over the last couple of days she has pressed it and looked like she was thinking her worry or thought away....There are batteries included in the plaque and it is a great tool to take the worry away....

Conversation Cards

The child can bring them to you to open a conversation or you can pick one to start a conversation.... 

These are great selection of prompts to start a conversation. There I things I wouldn't have thought of to say to Ellie to get her talking. When I bring a card out Ellie is more willing to answer it than if I just asked her without the card....

A Feelings Journal

Where your child can express themselves and their emotions freely....

The journal is so sweet....It has everything that Ellie loves. Fairies, unicorns and butterflies. She has been writing her feelings in it. So far all the feelings have been positive but even if all the memories and thoughts are positive she can go back and read them when she isn't feeling as positive.....

I really think this is a fab kit! It is great for getting reluctant talkers to open up a bit...The next time I see the emotional support worker which comes out to see Ellie at school I will be mentioning it to her and how good it is....

I think this is going to make a real difference to how Ellie expresses her feelings to us and it is just what we need at the moment with her going up to secondary school.....

You can buy the The 'No More Worries' Kit costs £17.99 from The Irish Fairy Door Company and I would say it is worth every penny if you have a child which is a worrier....

We were sent this kit free of charge from The Irish Fairy Door Company in exchange for this blog post.


  1. What a lovely idea, and the feelings journal too. #TriedTested

  2. This is such poisitive way to deal with anxities and do something constuctive. I like of the idea of writting down your thoughts X #mmbc

  3. This sounds an excellent kit for prompting children to talk about their feelings out loud with a loved one listening or practicing their writing. Whereas the plaque is a fun little activity. Lovely to hear her speak. May she grow in confidence. #MMBC

  4. What a lovely idea.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x