Friday 8 June 2018

This week has been a struggle. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

After having a lovely, relaxing, lazy half term last week it has been a struggle to get back into a routine....

I stupidly let the kids stay up to watch the final of Britain's Got Talent and it was well after 11pm when they finally got to sleep. They have been tired ever since....I have sent them upstairs earlier than usual a couple of nights this week but why would they want to sleep when they can argue and annoy each other....

We have all struggled to get up on a morning too.....The alarm went off earlier in the week and I hit snooze and dozed off back to sleep and dreamt that it was Saturday. Wishful thinking on my part....I was so close to not getting up but the girls made it to school on time. Phew!

My fella Stu has been having computer problems....He has been upgrading his computer over the last few weeks and he took it all to bits again yesterday to customise the case and when it came to putting it all back together it wouldn't work. He says the processor is broken? I have no idea what that is but it's obviously important. Now we are going to have to save up for a new one. Ugh! We have a couple of expensive weeks coming up so he's going to have to use the spare laptop for the time being which he hates....At least the case for his computer looks fancy. lol

I have really struggled to find the positives this week but there has been some.....

I got sent a gorgeous letterbox bouquet from Interflora. I won it in an online competition and when it arrived it didn't look like much in the box but once I had put the flowers in a vase I was pleasantly surprised....It is so pretty and I loved the fact the postman did actually put it through the letterbox. I love winning things like this. I wouldn't have thought about buying these before but now they will be something I will think about buying when it's someone's birthday....

Becky was supposed to have her last GCSE exam this week until next year but it was cancelled, I still don't know why? Becky said they haven't been prepared properly for the exam so it's probably for the best....She was rather relieved and happy about it. I am too! Phew!

Ellie had a surprise at school yesterday. She was chosen along with 3 other year 6 children to do the Science SATs papers/exams. I did not know they were even a thing but she had great fun. Apparently only a few selected schools have to do them and our school was chosen. Ellie said it was all easy and stuff a 5 year old would know. lol She was rewarded with 2 big bags of sweets, 30 raffle tickets to trade in for treats at school & a round of applause when she went back into the classroom. She felt so special and it has really boosted her confidence.


  1. oh I hate the struggle of getting back school. It's been unusual for us with the Little Man not going back. How lovely that Ellie got chosen for the science exams, well, lovely the way she was treated for it afterwards, I doubt the exam itself was lovely ;) Your flowers are pretty too, you'd never know they'd been boxed up and put through the letter box. x

  2. Tiredness makes everything a struggle, doesn't it? And computer problems are so frustrating. But those are lovely positives you've found, the flowers look beautiful and well done to Ellie x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. This will be us next week after two weeks off school ! Hope your week got a bit better. Those flowers are lovely, I've barely entered any comps lately I really must get back to it. Well done to Ellie too ! Have a great weekend x

  4. Aww, I am the same once the holidays are here. My kids stayed up late and then didn't want to get up for school too Kim. #PoCoLo

  5. Sorry to hear this week has been a struggle. I've found this week really hard too. Hope you're feeling better about things next week.
    How lovely that the school made such a fuss of Ellie after doing the science SATs paper.

  6. Lovely that you were able to find some positives within a week that was a struggle. I hope this new week is an improvement :-) #WotW

  7. Ah bless Ellie well done, it sounds like its been a tough week all around and U know what you mean I felt so tired this week x