Wednesday 13 June 2018

25 Ways to keep kids entertained this Summer!

My girls spend weeks looking forward to the summer holidays but it's a fact that the average child will utter their first ‘I’m bored just ten days into the summer holidays!

I plan things to do with the kids during the holidays....I plan an activity one day and then nothing the next day. They like to spend time playing on their electronics and doing their own thing....I don't want to overload them with things. I sometimes think that I actually want them to get bored so they can find their own things to do....

I do like to spend as little money as possible as the summer months are expensive for us with uniforms to buy, both my girls birthdays and the normal bills to pay....

Here are 25 ideas to keep the kids entertained this summer!

1. Make Moon SandIt takes just 2 ingredients to make and is a lot of fun. It really is a cheap activity and it kept my girls amused for a long while. When they had finished playing I covered it in cling film and it lasted a few days....

2. Go on a picnic. It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy. To a local park or the beach. My youngest is crazy about picnics. A few sandwiches, biscuits and a drink and she's happy.

3. Watch a movie. Shut the curtains, get some popcorn and make it fun. Perfect for a rainy day! 

4. Build a den. If the weather is OK you could even risk doing this outside! All you need is some boxes or sofa cushions, a few blankets, and a bit of imagination.

5. Make Play dough. We made some last year and the year before and probably will again this year too! I use the simplest recipe from The Imagination Tree...

6. Visit a museum. There are lots of free one's up and down the country. Last year we had a great day out at the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle.

7. Play Minecraft. My girls will go onto a flat world and each build themselves a big square and then I will give them a theme to build something and they do. It can keep them busy for hours. If you are a Minecraft fan think of "Building time" that Stampy & Squiddy used to do...

8. Visit the library and borrow some books. Most libraries will run the summer reading challenge. My girls are a bit old for this now but we used to join in every year.

9. Play Board games.

10. Make Ice-Cream in a bag. The girls had great fun doing this a couple of years ago. I think we might try again this year.

11. Play with Bubbles! You can buy the mix from the pound shops or you can make your own. My girls love blowing bubbles even my teen. hehehe

12. Make your own games. Get the craft things out and make some fun games. Hoopla, Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Snakes and Ladders can all be easily made.

13. Go on a bike ride. I don't think this will be us this year as Ellie is still getting the hang of riding a bike but next year we will be off on an adventure or two!

14. Go charity shop shopping. I give my girls a few pounds each and they love mooching around the charity shops for a bargain. They have got some of there most treasured belongings from a charity shop.

15. Make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.

16. Create a Summer Diary. Encourage your darlings to keep a Summer Diary or scrapbook. They can take photos of special days and write about them. It will become a lovely memory book for them in the future and keep them writing during the holidays.

17. Play with chalk. My girls love to decorate the back yard walls and ground.

18. Have a water fight. If the weather is nice my girls love nothing more than getting the paddling pool out and it always ends in a fun water fight.

19. Go on a nature walk. Let them take photos as you go and hunt for bugs.

20. Bake cakes. You can buy themed cake mixes for about £1 and they are fun and easy for little one's to make.

21. Write Letters. Reconnect with relatives or friends that you don't see very often. Introduce them to the idea of writing a letter in lieu of a quick text message or phone call. They they may be rewarded with a letter of their own in the post later on.

22. Go to the cinema. There are always some great kids films out over the summer but it doesn’t need to cost and arm and a leg for a family trip to the cinema. The large cinema chains will have offers running throughout the summer holidays.

23. Pick your own...whatever. Find a farm with blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, etc and get picking

24. Paint some rocks. The Inspiration Edit has some fab ideas!

25. Make Ice Lollies. All you need is Lolly moulds, Lemonade and Haribo bear's.

What do you have planned for the summer?

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  1. These look like a fantastic line up of activities to keep the kids busy #mmbc