Tuesday 28 June 2022

Why I love using Gousto boxes.

I first heard of Gousto boxes probably a few years ago when reading other peoples meals plans but I never got around to trying them until a few months ago. I am loving them and thankfully my family does too. They are all up for trying new food and we are trying new recipes every time we get a box.


Timo Boldt founded Gousto, a recipe box company in 2012. The idea is to make it simple to prepare wonderful meals at home, and the boxes come with pre measured, fresh ingredients and simple to follow recipes that everyone, regardless of skill level should be able to follow. Katy Kicker has a fantastic blog post answering all of your questions about Gousto.

Why I love Gousto boxes!

It is easy to order your meals!
The website is so simple to use. You simply log on ,select your chosen delivery date and then scroll through all of the recipes available that week. Then on your delivery day your box is delivered and you get to enjoy.

You don't have to get a box every week!
You can get a Gousto box delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly and skip or pause your subscription any time. We get one when I am all out of ideas on what to cook my family.

It saves time!
I pick the 4 recipes which we want which I admit does take a while as I can never decide on just 4 but then I don't have to pick every ingredient from the recipes, check we have it in or add it to the shopping list. I wait for the box to be delivered and then cook the meal. There is no faffing about forgetting a vital ingredient then having to nip to the shop.

Meal choices from Gousto

There is so much choice!
On the website every week there is at least 70 recipes to choose from. There are meals for meat eaters, vegetarian meals, vegan options, gluten-free choices and dairy-free meals and even 10 minute meals for those short on time. If you are on a health kick there are calorie controlled meals and healthy choices.

I love the packaging!
Everything comes measured out and has the exact amount for the recipes that you are making. I usually hate putting the food shopping away but I find it fun sorting the ingredients in the Gousto box. The insulated packaging keeps the food fresh and most of it is recyclable. 

We have tried things that we wouldn't usually!
I have chosen meals that we have never had before and it's really pushed us out of our comfort zone, me cooking them and my family eating them. If you had asked my family if they would eat 3 veggie meals in a week they would have laughed in your face but we did recently. We have tried so many leafy greens, the kids are still not fans but they at least tried them.

We have found new family favourites!
Along with my first Gousto box I got a little folder to keep the recipe cards and can go back and make what we had delivered again and I have. I have made the crispy bacon & leek tart several times and am planning to make the Meat-Free Mince Sloppy Joes, Creamy chicken potato-topped pie, Mushroom Wellington and Carrot & Coriander Soup With Chutney Twists sometime in the future.

Gousto meals
More Gousto meals.
Even more Gousto meals

I've learned new things!
I have learned so many things while making the Gousto recipes. I don't make normal gravy now using granules, I make onion gravy using stock and caramelised onions. I learned how to make gnocchi and also learned that I am not a fan of it, I learned you can make mash without peeling the potatoes and also that Ellie will eat anything if it's on a skewer. lol

It's not as expensive as I first thought.
Paying £50 for 4 meals for 4 people sounded like a lot but sometimes when I do the food shop for 4 meals for the 4 of us it comes to more than £50. I think paying that price is worth it when we are trying new foods, eating well and 99% of the meals are delicious.

When things go wrong they help.
One time I didn't get the text to say my box was on it's way and I got in touch at almost 5pm asking where it was via their live chat. I didn't even expect anyone to reply with it being a Sunday but they did and told me it was at their depot and would be delivered. I wasn't happy as I did want a bath and an early night, it arrived just after 9pm and Gousto were brilliant and gave me some credit to spend on my next box as an apology. 

If you would like to try a box too you can sign up using my referral code and you will get 65% off your first box and 30% off all other boxes in your first month and I will receive £30 credit as a thank you for referring you!

Have you tried Gousto before? What did you think?


  1. I have toyed with trying a recipe subscription service like this (we don't have Gousto in the US but other companies sound similar)... I should try a few this summer!

  2. I use a different box and only when I get special offers but they are great for new ideas and inspiration. Plus nice and easy to cook.

  3. thisiswhereitisat1 July 2022 at 17:27

    I have never tried these but like the idea of the whole meal card and food with it, great to try out new recipes X