Tuesday 7 June 2022

What we got up to over half term.

Last week was half term and it was Becky's last ever half term in education so we wanted to make the most of it. Becky leaves college at the start of next month and by this time next month she will be working full time so that's it for holidays every 6 weeks or so.

On Monday we went to Hull. We were just going to go shopping and to McDonalds for lunch but thought we would make the most of a day out and we of course did plenty of shopping but also visited Ferens Art Gallery which had a Lego exhibition on. I will have another blog post soon about that soon.

I love Lego

We decided to give McDonalds a miss and go to Wings, the all you can eat place. We first went just before the first lockdown and have been dying to go back. We arrived just before midday and had to queue to get in. The food was so good and we ate so much of it. We were there for about 2 hours and definitely got our money's worth. The bill came to £40 which wasn't bad considering we all got a pint of pop too. We could all easily spend about £7 in McDonalds and be hungry a couple of hours later. I didn't eat again until about 8pm that night and that was only because I was worried about waking up in the middle of the night hungry if I didn't. lol

Chinese food

On Tuesday I had a day home alone while Stu was at work and the girls were out with their friends. I got to catch up on all the housework which needed doing, well everything apart from the washing. I didn't bother doing any because it was raining one minute and sunny the next.

The girls had great fun. Becky went out with 2 of her friends from college. Into town, had lunch out and then came back to where we live and went to our local for the free pool table. Ellie went out with her friend. Bowling, McDonalds and back to her house. She didn't get back home until 9pm, the dirty stop out. hehehe It was fine, I knew she was safe at her friends house.

The girls and I were going to go out on Wednesday afternoon but by the time they dragged themselves out of bed and did the jobs I had asked them to do like put their clean clothes away, tidy their rooms and change their beds they just wanted a day at home which was probably for the best since we had a busy day planned for Thursday.


On Thursday we went out with my dad and his partner to Skegness. I was worried about the weather as it had been raining a lot every day but the weather was perfect. Warm enough for just t-shirts but not too hot. We went to Ingoldmells where there is a big market and an amusement park too with a ton of rides. I will have a proper blog post about that soon too. The girls rode almost all of the rides and they had the best time. 

The girls rode most of the rides twice and we sure got our moneys worth paying for the £27 wristbands. We had lunch out at an American diner which wasn't the best but the ice cream, doughnuts and slushies made up for it later in the day.

The only rides that I wouldn't let the girls on were the 2 big rollercoasters. They had been on the smaller one and their hearts were racing. I wasn't letting them risk it with their heart conditions


 By the time we left Skegness later in the day it was so busy. I am quite glad that we got there early. We got home just before 5pm and had an hours sit down before we went back out for the Jubilee celebrations which were being held locally. In a field there was food stalls, free rides for the kids and a band. The girls saw some of their friends and by the end of the evening we hardly saw Ellie as she was off with her people. We saw the beacon being lit and fireworks too.

The lit beacon

On Friday morning we had a well deserved lie in after such a busy day on Thursday. Poor Becky got up at half 8 so she would sleep later in the day for her night shift but was back in bed by 11am which was early for her as she was so tired. We had a lazy morning watching the Platinum Jubilee thanksgiving service on the TV and I didn't change out of my pj's until gone 1pm. 

We were supposed to be going to the beer festival which was on locally just after lunchtime but didn't end up going until tea time. Ellie was supposed to come with Stu and I but she was out playing with friends so we let her know where we were and off we went. I tried 3 different ciders: Rhubarb, strawberry and dark fruit. I got myself a hot dog and it was so good. It was a nice couple of hours out but now I feel like I need to go on some sort of diet after all of the snacky and junk food that we have been eating. lol

I hope you all had a good half term too!


  1. That sounds like a lovely week!

  2. Sounds like such a fun week. We've been watching some of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations on TV. This weekend is the Queen's Birthday long weekend and so we are all excited for a day off on Monday!! Look forward to your post on the Lego exhibition. I love lego! Have a great week xx

  3. Oh wow! You crammed loads into your half-term, what a fun week! Wings sounds like a great place to eat, the prices are good too.
    I love the sound of the Lego exhibition, my two would really like that.
    So glad you had a fab time. xx

  4. What a lovely half-term you had and sounds like you really made the most of it being Becky's last half-term in education. That day out in Skegness sounds like a lot of fun - you definitely got your money's worth with all the rides, but sounds like a good call with the big rollercoasters though. #MMBC