Thursday 23 June 2022

5 Tips for achieving your kids five a day from Fruit Bowl.

We are big fans of the Fruit Bowl snacks the blackcurrant yogurt flakes are still my favourite. A while ago Fruit Bowl shared some tips and tricks with me designed to help little ones to make sure they're getting their five a day, every day, all whilst having a bit of fun!

Summer fruits

Switch the oven on!
Why not try baking fruit based breads, cakes or muffins for a fun but healthier twist on their favourite treats? The Puff Pastry Peeler Twists using Fruit Bowl Fruit Peelers are a great idea. Giving your child an easy introduction into the many ways to eat their fruit and veg helps them understand their five a day can come in all different shapes and sizes. It is a great way for them to learn skills in the kitchen too.

Encourage kids to get hands on with their food. Snack time doesn’t have to be sat at the table! Why not get kids apple bobbing, or making edible art such as each others’ faces, animals and nature scenes using their picks of their daily fruit and vegetables.

Eat the Rainbow!
We all eat with our eyes, and kids do too! Make their plate the prettiest at the table by creating a rainbow from a mix of five a day snacks. This way they get a fantastic variety of vitamins and minerals! 

Our little ones are used to getting rewarded with stickers and stamps at school so you can create your own versions at home! By tracking their five a day intake using their own chart, kids will have fun taking responsibility and sticking their own items to the tables you create! 

Fun Names!
Beat boredom with fun new names that kids will love creating and sharing with the family. Broccoli? What’s broccoli? Surprise Trees! Sweetcorn? They’re Golden Treasure Nuggets. Bananas? They’re Big Yellow Telephones! My girls still do this. Tomatoes are Tommy's, we too have Broccoli trees and and raisins are monkey poop. lol

Do your kids eat their 5 a day?

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  1. Great tips. I absolutely love naming veggies and fruit.. Hilarious!