Friday 10 June 2022

This week my Word of the week is: Chores! #WotW

This week my Word of the week is:


This past week has been lovely. After a jam packed half term with a few days out and celebrating the Jubilee I needed this week just to recover, we seemed to do more in a week than we usually do in a couple of months. I also had to play catch up and get back on top of things which needed doing around the house.

I haven't done much since the kids went back to school and college apart from the usual household chores. It might seem boring but I needed this boring week to set myself back on track. I did very little housework during half term and the washing was piling up, there was clutter everywhere and the beds hadn't been changed in goodness knows how long. 

I put washing out on the line the other day, there was blue sky and it looked bright out the back of the house but by the time I had came back into the living room at the front of the house there was big black clouds. Stupid me thought it won't rain, of course it did. It was just a shower and I left the clothes out there. No harm was done. Thankfully we have had a couple of afternoons since where I've been able to catch up on the dirty washing, of course there is still a few piles to put away but that's a job for this afternoon.

One weekly chore that I hate doing is the online food shopping but I made it easy on myself for next week. We have decided to get another Gousto box. I have some credit leftover from when they were late in delivering so we're not paying the full price. I don't know how my family are going to take it as 3 out of the 4 meals are veggie meals. I might get away with a couple as they use meal substitutes but I don't know how they'll feel about carrot & coriander soup. They think of soup as a lunchtime meal not an evening meal but it's something different from what we usually eat.

This was also the week where we pay most of the bills. Ugh. It is another chore that I am not keen on. I have decided to pay more onto the energy bill each month. We pay quarterly when we get the bill so it's always a little unknown. I would rather be in credit as much as we can when the big price rises kick in.

I do have to get ahead on the chores as I am out on Saturday morning with Ellie, her friend and her friends mum. We're going to a fun day that we found out about from a leaflet which Ellie brought home from school. It should be fun especially with Ellie and her friend being together.

What have you been up to over the past week?

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  1. sometimes after a big event or lots of activities, you just enjoy the regular routine - I know I do - good luck with the meatless meals - you might need to doctor them

  2. It's nice to have an exciting weeks holiday but not so nice catching up on the chores afterwards. I hope you have fun at the fun day x

  3. I love that feeling when everythings been done in the house just feels like such an accomplishment

  4. I've been the same with having to catch up on chores. It's satisfying once it's done again though. Hope you enjoyed the fun day with Ellie and that the Gousto box meals go down better than anticipated. #WotW