Thursday 16 June 2022

A fun food shop.

I wanted to make half term memorable with it being Becky's last ever one. She leaves college next month and school/college holidays will be a thing of the past for her when she starts full time work.

I usually budget £100 per week for the food shop which includes all the food, toiletries, cleaning stuff and alcohol that we want for the week. Most weeks it comes under the £100 and some weeks a lot under. When I do the food shopping it's usually boring. I pick the meals that we are having the following week, buy what we need and get it delivered over the weekend. Usually it's just routine stuff like fruit, vegetables, meat, bread and whatever we need for the fridge and cupboards but during half term the food shop was a fun one.

A fun food shop

We had a busy half term, we were either out as a family and eating out or the kids were out with their friends and eating out with them. Plus it was the Jubilee celebrations and we wanted a few treats and snacky foods that we could take out in a bag with us. I got the fun food shop from Asda and there was a lot of beige food, crisps and yummy treats.

I bought a few bags of crisps. Ellie chose the prawn cocktail Quavers and Becky chose the cheese and onion squares. I got the big bags of prawn cocktail giant Wotsits. I have been looking for them for months and they're so good. The Capri Sun drinks were on offer, 2 packs of 8 for £4 and are great for taking on days out and I bought a couple of tins of bacon grill because there was none of the bacon in stock that we like. 

Food shopping

I of course had to buy normal things like milk, mushrooms, onions, apples and bananas. I did push the boat out and buy some sliced melon, I know it would have probably have been cheaper to buy whole one's but if I did the kids probably wouldn't have eaten it and it would have gone to waste. Muffins we buy every week. Ham, tinned peas, butter, cheese, orange and blackcurrant juice too.

I bought mini afternoon tea cupcakes, scones, Brioche Pasquier Pitch chocolate filled brioche from the bakery section. I did order bread and bread buns but apparently they were not available and no substitutions were offered. Hmmf. I don't believe that there was no bread in the whole of Asda. lol I did get some brioche hot dog buns which were used with the jumbo pork sausages that I had in the freezer.

Chilled food

For the fridge I got things like roast chicken flavour bites, pork cocktail sausages, pork pies, clotted cream for the scones, Dairylea dunkers and cheese strings, seafood sticks, the most amazing pork and pickle pies, sandwich fillings. Egg & salad cream and tuna & sweetcorn.

All I bought for the freezer was corn dogs and battered fish.

It came to just over £90 which seems crazy as most of it was junk food. This wouldn't be enough to feed us for a week on a normal week if we weren't eating out. It's a good job I don't shop like this every week although I think the kids would love it. They thought all of the treats were brilliant. We're back to eating normally now with most meals cooked from scratch and a lot less fun food.

What sort of treat foods do you buy for your family?


  1. That looks like an amazing shop, I don't think it's too bad for £90 as you've got a lot there, but we are definitely noticing that our usual basket of shopping has been going up and up each week. When I buy treats I go for the bakery things - either bags of cookies or the plastic tubs with the millionaire's shortbread and chocolate crispie cakes and the like which are always on offer so you have to buy two at a time!

  2. Looks like a really fun food shop! I like marking special occasions with buying treats that I wouldn't normally buy. When my boys were little we would get a really sugary not-very-healthy cereal every school holidays. Now I sometimes like to buy things like donuts, ginger beer and chips for the weekends.

  3. Oh yummy! Lots of fab treats. They told me exactly the same thing when I ordered bread buns on last week's shop. No way was there no more bread to substitute them with. I had to go and fetch some from Co-op as we were having burgers that night. Put me in a right mardy it did! Haha. xx

  4. We usually do a "treat" shopping right before a road trip and my kids tend to pick out lots of chip type snacks. I'm always amazed at how quickly the junk food adds up though!