Friday 3 June 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Spending! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I have chosen spending as this weeks word because I have enjoyed spending time with my girls and I'd even go as far as saying they enjoyed spending time with me. We've had lots of family time and we have been busy spending money too with days out, yummy food and shopping sprees.

Over the past week the girls have enjoyed spending time with their friends. Ellie went out on Friday night with about 10 of hers just for a walk. It was an epic walk, I've seen the videos. I love that her friend loves to make videos and puts them on YouTube. I always get to see what Ellie has been up to. lol Then on Tuesday she spent the day with another friend. Becky has been spending time with her friends too, had a fun day out and I finally got to meet them. They're so sweet.

We went to Hull on Monday for shopping and lunch out and had a great day. We went to the all you can eat place and we ate our money's worth. We had a look around Primark and for once I bought more than the girls. Some make up and the Hellfire top off Stranger Things.

We have had some time at home watching TV and just chilling. It was nice to spend time doing nothing and Ellie was so pleased that I finally got around to watching the Netflix show Heartstopper. It's so cute and we of course have all watched the new series of Stranger Things. It's brilliant! Our evenings have been spent watching the Britain's Got Talent finals. Some of my favourites have gone through to the grand final on Sunday.

Yesterday we got around to spending time with my dad and his partner for a day at the coast at Ingoldmells near Skegness. We didn't get to see much of the beach because the kids wanted to go on the rides and there was the biggest market to look around and of course the arcades. When we got home we went straight back out to a Jubilee event that was held locally and again had a great time.

Today I will be spending time with Stu and Ellie, poor Becky is missing out on a family beer festival which is on today because she has to sleep for work tonight. Hmmf. There are family games, music, food stalls and different beers and ciders to try. Eek!

I am looking forward to a weekend of spending no money as we have spent lots over the past week. It's been worth it, making memories and spending time with my family. Over the weekend I will also be spending time writing up a few blog posts that the last week has helped create. The past week was way too much to fit into just one. 

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  1. How lovely that you have been spending so much time with your family and your girls have had time to spend with their friends. It sounds like you've had a great half term. xx

  2. What a week! It sounds like you all had a good time. Spending time with family and making memories is great.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely half-term spending time with your girls and with your dad and his partner, and that they also enjoyed spending time with their friends too. Hope that you enjoyed the beer festival. Shame that Becky missed out due to having a night shift. #WotW

  4. Aww, what a wonderful post. It seems you've had a great time and made lasting memories. xx