Saturday 25 June 2022

Week 25 of #Project365. 18th - 24th June. A photo every day for a year!

What a scorcher we've been having. I usually hate the hot weather but it hasn't bothered me much over the past week. I've been staying inside as much as I can where it's nice and cool. We've had a pretty quiet week. Stu has been at work where he's getting on great, Becky has been to college and only has a next week and then she is finished after 3 years and Ellie is plodding on with school, not long until the end of term. 

Now for a photo every day!

Hanging the washing out
Pancakes and fruit and Doctor Strange movie
Gousto meals

169/365 - 18th June
We had such a pretty sunset, the sky was red! Even the kids were out taking photos.

170/365 - 19th June
I am rubbish at taking panoramic photos but this gives you an idea of the progress in the garden. Stu has cleared the unused side of the garden, weeded it all and them put all the clean stones back. It looks so much better especially with the extra paving slabs that we found under the weeds.

171/365 - 20th June
Me hanging the washing out. I have found that the yellow towels that match my bathroom are not good to dry outside at this time of year. They attract all of those little black bugs.

172/365 - 21st June
Brunch. Pancakes, bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce.

173/365 - 22nd June
The new Doctor Strange film arrived on Disney+ so I had to give it a watch. It was OK but quite scary and dark. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. To be fair I'm not a big fan of Doctor Strange so I never thought it would be my favourite Marvel film. I'm just waiting for the new Thor film in a couple of weeks. That I am excited for.

174/365 - 23rd June
I went on the Gousto website to check my order had been processed for next week, it has. I also spotted that the black pudding sausages that we had a while ago are back in a couple of weeks. I will have to get them again, they were amazing!

175/365 - 24th June
These flowers shouldn't be where they are in my garden. I planted the wild flowers further down the flower bed but I am guessing the wind blew some of the seeds when I was putting them down or a bird dropped them. Who knows but they are pretty.

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  1. I have flowers like that too. My marigolds end up with the majority alongside the wall, vs only a few in it. Although the cornflowers stay in the wall. The sunset was spectacular wasn't it. I didn't get any photos though.

  2. What a glorious pink sky! I didn't like Dr Strange either, because there was too much of Wanda plotline going on, and she's my least favourite Marvel character. Thor is out in a week's time, now that is worth going to the cinema to. Pretty wild flowers. Your garden looks so tidy and clean. Ours is a total jungle.

  3. I have been staying inside as much as I can too! That sunset is stunning! The garden is coming along nicely and love the brunch! Yum! I need to watch Dr Strange. Love the colour on the flowers

  4. what a gorgeous sky. My husband watched Dr Strange and was not impressed either. I planted a load of poppies but they haven't appeared yet. Not sure what I did wrong, but your flowers are very pretty

  5. That sunset is gorgeous. Your garden is looking great. The brunch with the pancakes, strawberries and bananas looks delicious. Love those wildflowers – so pretty. #project365

  6. The garden is looking fab, Stu has done an amazing job with the fence. I can't believe 3 years have gone by since Becky started college