Sunday 5 June 2022

A day at an amusement park. #MySundaySnapshot

On Thursday we went out with my dad and his partner to Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells near Skegness. The kids went for the amusement park and my dad and his partner went for the huge market. It was a perfect place to go to please everyone.

This was when we had just arrived and the kids and Stu spotted the big rides. hehehe

Arriving at the amusement park

They were much braver than Stu and I, we kept our feet firmly on the ground while the kids went on just about every ride. I am quite amazed that they didn't throw up after riding the Twister twice in about 10 minutes. They had no fear and the only reason they didn't ride the 2 big rollercoasters is because I said no because of their dodgy hearts. They had been on a smaller rollercoaster and their hearts were racing, I put my foot down and said enough! As scary and as big as the swing ride looked it was pretty calm as long as you're not scared of heights. lol

Swing ride

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  1. Yikes! That looks really high off the ground. I love amusement park rides but have to talk myself into those that have extreme heights as I m not a fan of heights at all.

  2. the ride makes a pretty shot but it's too much for me to ride!

  3. Goodness, I could not go on that big swing thing, nor really on any other big/fast rides! I'm quite happy with kids rides... as long as they don't spin around too much, lol x

  4. It sounds like the girls had a great time! I would have been terrified of that high ride!


  5. Thisiswhereitisat2018@gmail.com6 June 2022 at 18:52

    Wow that is might high, I would be eek with that haha. Glad you had lots of fun X #mysundaysnapshot

  6. Yikes! That is high. I would have kept my feet firmly on the ground too. Love your photos!


  7. That looks really scary! I would definitely have kept my feet on the ground too. My kids and husband would all be on the scary rides.

  8. You can't beat a theme park - Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.