Saturday 4 June 2022

Week 22 of #Project365. 28th May - 3rd June. A photo every day for a year!

What a fantastic week we have had. I am glad the kids are back at school and college next week just so I can recover. lol We've been to Hull for a day of shopping, the kids have been out with friends, we went to an amusement park in Skegness, and a couple of Jubilee events. Usually that's about a month of activities for me but we fitted it all into one week.

It has been nice spending time with family. There has been a good balance between time together as a family and time with friends.

Now for a photo every day!

Work being done in the garden and Heartstopper on Netflix
A Lego exhibition and the food shop
Rain and the kids on a ride at Skegness
Watching the Platinum Jubilee thanksgiving service

148/365 - 28th May
Stu was working on the garden again. He's got all of the weeds and stones up from the side of the garden. He did remember to leave my little Christmas tree alone. It's still a work in progress.

149/365 - 29th May
We had a day of watching things of Netflix. The Rebel Wilson film Senior Year was funny and we also watched Heartstopper which was so cute. It's the 3rd time Ellie has watched it all of the way through, she really does love it. 

150/365 - 30th May
We were out shopping in Hull and visited Ferens Art Gallery where they have a Lego exhibition on. It was fun and interesting to see.

151/365 - 31st May
The food shop arrived. It was a fun one with mostly snacky bits and treats as we were eating out for most of the week.

152/365 - 1st June
Rain, although it was still pretty warm out. I did manage to get some washing dried out on the line late on, after tea time when the garden got all of the sun.

153/365 - 2nd June
The kids went on most of the rides at Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells near Skegness. It was such a fun day out. A big market and amusement park all in one. It did take some getting used to, walking around the stalls with rollercoasters going over your head.

154/365 - 3rd June
We had a lie in and a slow start to the day after a busy day on Thursday. I spent the morning watching the Platinum Jubilee thanksgiving service before going to a beer festival in the afternoon.

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. Sounds like it's been a good week. We've not watched any of the Jubilee stuff. Whenever I think I'll put it on, N's on his xbox on the tv, and I need to do other stuff at the same time as have the tv on, so can't have it on in the living room.

  2. You were really busy that week but it all sounds like fun. #MMBC

  3. thisiswhereitisat6 June 2022 at 19:35

    Looks like you had a fun filled week X #mmbc

  4. sounds like a lovely day shopping in hull and the beach in Skegness. I've not been there for years. I love a snack food shop, happens a lot here also

  5. I love the Christmas tree, it's so big now. Also, I would love to visit that art gallery, it looks very interesting. Hull is a bit far from me for a day-trip, but I will visit one day, maybe for a weekend.

  6. Aww your little christmas tree is so cute! It's been a while since we have been to skegness! Not watched those programmes you have mentioned..may have to check them out

  7. We loved Senior Year, so funny. I have never been to Skegness, looks like fun

  8. Such a lovely half-term – so nice to have that family time together and find that balance between family time and time with friends. The garden is looking good – love your mini Christmas tree. Fantasy Island sounds like a fun place for a day out. Nice to finish the week with a slower day too. #project356

  9. My kids love having a snacky tea. The Lego exhibition looks fab but I think I'd be worried about going to stall under rollercoasters in Skegness! #project365