Tuesday 14 June 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Some last minute Father's Day gift ideas.

Father's day is almost here and I thought I would do a round up of products that I have previously featured on my blog which would be perfect for that special man in your life! Your dad or your kids dad.


EnergyDOTs are the latest wellbeing technology designed to support people during work, rest and play. In short, the DOTs are handy frequency technology discs that you can wear, stick to your wireless devices or place around the home to help you rebalance, bring positive energy, help aid sleep and support your wellbeing.

Black Insomnia Coffee

Black Insomnia is made using traditional barrel roasting techniques to create a smooth rich taste from a mix of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans. It is perfect for the early-starters, busy parents and workaholics!

Workout set from AMONAX

There's a new gym that takes less than a minute to get to, is never crowded, always plays your favourite songs, is stocked with the best training equipment and has no membership fees. That gym is your home! I have never wanted to join a gym and prefer to work out from home. The home workout set from AMONAX is a must have, well rounded workout set for anyone who is looking to have a good workout. This set includes a Convertible Ab Wheel for abs training, a pair of Push Up Handles for press-ups, and an adjustable Skipping Rope for calorie burn.

Personalised Beer Cap Collector

Collect your favourite beer bottle caps and display them with pride! Show off your collection with this lovely personalised beer bottle shaped cap collector. This unusual gift is a great present for Dads that love to crack open a bottle of beer!

The Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor with Magnetic Stand

The Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar is the world’s first razor with exfoliating technology built into the cartridge. This means that it is designed for a quick and easy shave that is no longer a chore but something to be enjoyed. The exfoliation bar removes dirt and debris, such as dead skin cells, before the blades pass, thereby allowing for a close and accurate shave.

Darkness is one of the most important factors in good quality sleep; a regular light and dark cycle will let your circadian rhythm do it’s thing, telling your body when to sleep and when to wake. A sleeping mask helps you take control over this process and control over your sleep. Echor was founded with one task in mind, to help people meet their true potential by facilitating a better night's sleep and enhanced wellbeing.

The Kikkerland Chemistry Flask

Hip flasks became popular in the form we know them. Before the 18th century they were made from leather or glass. They were generally used by the gentry provide a warming dram while on hunting or fishing expeditions. They have became popular now as gifts and would make a great one for a dad.

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day?

I was sent all of these products free of charge in exchange for the original blog posts that they were featured in.

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  1. What a great selection! That reminds me, I need to order something for my Dad. And fast!

    Corinne x