Thursday 22 April 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Black Insomnia Coffee. The World's Strongest Coffee.

My fella and I love a coffee first thing in the morning but some days we need two coffees to get us going, we need that extra kick that normal coffee doesn't give us. Recently we have been trying out Black Insomnia coffee.

Black Insomnia is made using traditional barrel roasting techniques to create a smooth rich taste from a mix of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans. It is perfect for the early-starters, busy parents and workaholics!

Black Insomnia Coffee 1
Black Insomnia Coffee 2

Proven by independent labs Black Insomnia Coffee is the world's strongest coffee with a minimum of 1105mg of Caffeine per 12fl.Oz Cup which equates to more than four times the strength of Starbucks or other typical high street brand.

Founded in South Africa in 2016 by Sean Kristafor and Jim Walker, the coffee was successfully launched in the USA in April 2017 after local market testing in Cape Town. Now the headquarters is in the UK, the company sells ground coffee, beans, Nespresso pods and coffee bags in two roasts.

Black Insomnia Whole Beans - £14.99
453 Grams / Approx. 40 Cups - Large Bag.

Black Insomnia Whole Beans

The freshest way to unlock Black Insomnia's deliciously smooth flavour profile, the Whole Beans are a specially selected blend of Arabica and Fine Robusta beans which give the ultimate caffeine kick without the acidic, bitter taste of other high-caffeine coffees.

Black Insomnia Grounds (Dark) - £14.99
453 Grams / Approximately 40 Cups - Large Bag.

Black Insomnia Grounds (Dark)

Pre-ground to perfection for your brewing pleasure! The brand new flavour of The World's Strongest Coffee. Richer, Deeper and Darker than ever before. This darker roasted take on our super-high caffeine coffee is perfect for lovers of a heavier, more intense brew. Nutty aromas, caramel sweetness and a dark chocolate aftertaste will make your palate sing.

Black Insomnia Pods - £9.99

Black Insomnia Pods

Black Insomnia Nespresso-compatible Pods are the perfect combination of convenience and quality tasting, super strong coffee. They are 100% home compostable and completely plant-based with no plastic packaging. Meaning your Black Insomnia coffee is perfectly fresh, and impact on the environment is minimized.

Black Insomnia Pour-Over Bags - £9.99.

Black Insomnia Pour-Over Bags

Brew the World's Strongest Coffee fresh in seconds with Black Insomnia Pour-Over Bags. Made of 100% paper the Pour-Over bags are totally compostable, and let you have delicious tasting coffee anywhere, anytime. The Pour-Over Bags come in boxes of 8, available as bundles of 16 or 48.

The pour over bags is the coffee I have been using lately and they are such a clever idea. Easy to use and very convenient. The coffee tastes amazing too. It gives me just the kick I need to get going on a morning.

Black Insomnia is all about supporting the hardest working people around. Nobody is more deserving of support than the fantastic NHS workers who are putting themselves in harm's way for our safety every single day. Early starts and night shifts are second nature to our NHS. That's why Black Insomnia offer a permanent 15% off discount to all NHS workers to keep them alert and fuelled through the longest days and toughest nights. It's the least we can do!

I was sent a selection of Black Insomnia Coffee free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Oooh ive never seen this style of pour over coffee, sounds interesting! Always after more coffee recommendations.

  2. I miss a good strong coffee as I gave it up years ago. Craig on the other hand would love this! x