Friday 9 April 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Aching! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I seem to have been aching all week for various reasons. All the aches have been worth it though or they will be in the long run.

On Saturday I had my Covid vaccine. I was the last of my family to get it and the aches I felt on Saturday night and the ache in my arm since are worth it if it means I am that bit safer. The ache in my arm has just about gone but it is still sore to touch. 

I did think I was hallucinating a couple of times this week. I saw an Easter Bunny walk past my house on Monday. I made the kids look to make sure I wasn't going mad. lol I read on the local Facebook groups that it was someone just being nice handing out Easter eggs to kids. Then on Tuesday I was in the kitchen and glanced out of the window and saw snow. The sun was shining and it almost looked like a summers day apart from the snow falling. I shouted Ellie to look just to prove I wasn't going mad. lol It was indeed snowing, it didn't last long but it seemed crazy considering the sky was so blue and the sun so bright.

We went and visited my dad on Wednesday and of course he had us helping out with a few jobs. I was moving bricks and managed to drop one on my finger. Right on the end, on the nail. That was on Wednesday and it's still aching now. I haven't broken anything it's just sore. With moving the bricks my back was aching but nothing a soak in the bath didn't fix.

Yesterday my aching was caused by bike riding. It seems ages since we last went on a long ride and my legs are telling me now that it might be a long while before I go out again. Ellie had a cycle route of about 40 miles planned. I don't know who she thinks I am because I am certainly not a long distance cyclist. lol

Today is going to be a day of rest. I think my aching bones need it. I have pushed myself this week and as much as I am aching I do feel better for moving about and doing more than I have done over the last few months. This might actually be the start of me getting fit and losing that lockdown weight. Becky's girlfriend is coming for a visit in the garden and I have told her to wrap up well as it has been so chilly this week. I do have blankets if it gets too cold for them but I think no matter what the weather they will just be happy to see each other again.

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  1. Aww sorry for all the aching, I hope it all stops soon. Have a relaxing weekend, but well done on getting moving again x #wotw

  2. A good kind of aching, at least. You have been busy. I admire Ellie's plan for your bike ride. Maybe some day. Very surreal seeing the Easter Bunny walking past your house. I'm glad you got someone to back you up on seeing it. Hope your finger stops hurting soon. #wotw

  3. My arms have been aching since Monday. I tried two new workouts and I swear just putting on my seatbelt hurt my chest by the following day! It made me feel rather old...

  4. Ouch to dropping a brick on your finger - hope it's better soon. Well done on the bike ride - I only managed around the block a few times and my legs were aching afterwards too! Hope Becky and her girlfriend enjoyed seeing each other and that you have a nice relaxing weekend to recover from all the aching this week! #WotW

  5. Ooh I bet that brick hurt... Hope you feel less achy this week! You made me feel tired just reading all the things you've been doing! Karen Early Rising Mum

  6. I always get an achy arm with the flu jab so I am expecting the same with the Covid jab too. Well done on the bike ride, it's something I really want to get back to doing as well. I will probably be so stiff when I get off though hehe!
    Ouch with your finger! I hope it isn't too sore. We've just come in from doing the decking and Craig was a bit enthusiastic passing me the drill and the screwdriver bit went into my calf. You can imagine what I said!
    Have a lovely week ahead. x

  7. Darren ached after his vaccine. How funny that you spotted the bunny. I would have called everyone to look too. We had snow, I think it even settled overnight a little bit.We need to go on some more family bike rides. I have just told Darren we are going next weekend after reading this ;0) #WotW