Tuesday 6 April 2021

We've all been vaccinated. This is how it went for us.

I feel so lucky at the moment. Over the past few months everyone in my family has had the Covid vaccine. I was the last of us to get it on Saturday. I know some people are against vaccines but myself and my family are not.

Covid vaccine

My great aunt was the first to get it just after Christmas. She's in her 80's and has been worrying so much about getting Coronavirus. I couldn't have been happier when she got it as to be honest she was the most vulnerable out of my whole family and we have been worrying a lot about her. She had no side effects after her first vaccine but felt rotten after her 2nd dose.

My dad was next up to get it. He is in the over 70's group and after him being so poorly when he caught the virus in November we were keen for him to have it. He was ill at the end of 2019 with the same symptoms of Coronavirus but as it wasn't a thing then so the doctor just put it down to him having a bad case of the flu. He had the vaccine in the middle of February and the day after having it he slept for 18 hours which isn't like him at all.

My dad's partner had a phone call at the start of March which made no sense as she is in a lower age group and has no health problems but she took the doctors up on their offer. She felt rotten after her vaccine, slept lots, felt hot and cold and just felt run down.

Stu got the phone call at the end of last month and it seems our local GP practice are taking Saturdays to go through everyone who wants it and they were on to the under 50's which was really good news for us. Stu left for his appointment and was back within half an hour which is good going considering the doctors is at least a 12 minute walk away. He was in and out within 5 minutes and felt nothing and continued to feel nothing apart from some hot and cold flushes the night after. His arm felt a little sore a couple of days later but I thought he got off lightly.

The day Stu had his vaccine I got a text saying "You are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine but stopped myself from booking it for me because I had a thought that Becky still gets text messages on my number from the NHS because she hasn't got around to changing her phone number at the doctors since she turned 18. I rang up on 119 to ask them and the woman I spoke to was lovely and said it's stupid how there is no name on the text message. She checked through my details and I wasn't eligible so that meant Becky was because of her leaky valves in her heart.

Becky had her vaccine a couple of weeks ago and felt nothing apart from feeling a little hot and cold the day after. Her arm did ache and she struggled to lift it but that is as bad as it got. She had her vaccine at one of the vaccination centres in town. She was in there for about half an hour, they asked her a ton of questions and kept her in for 15 minutes after her vaccine to make sure there wasn't any instant side effects. Which is so different from what my dad's partner, Stu and me have experienced going to the local GP's.

I got the text inviting me to go for my vaccine. It was for me this time because it come from the local doctors with my name on. lol and on Saturday I had the jab! I was queuing to get in the doctors longer than I was actually in there. It was painless and I didn't feel the needle go in at all.

I had the vaccine at 11.40am and didn't start to feel any side effects until about half ten that night. I started to feel shivery and achy. I took myself off to bed and all night I was hot and cold. I got Stu to fill me a hot water bottle to put on my back, it was aching. By the morning my arm was aching. It felt like someone had punched me in it and I couldn't lay on it.

I slept for a good 12 hours and got up about midday on Sunday. I still felt achy and drained but felt like I was over the worst. I had two naps on Sunday. One on the afternoon and the evening which is not like me at all. I never nap. I must have needed it though. By late Sunday evening the aches had just about gone and I just felt tired, still. My arm was sore, it hurt to touch and I could hardly lift it. I went to bed after watching The Circle and slept until about 10am Monday morning. I didn't bother setting an alarm, I was just going to have my sleep out and did.

Yesterday I just had an easy day, blogging, watching TV and not much else. My arm is still sore but not as bad as it was. I am over the worst and to be honest I would rather had a couple of days of not feeling great from the side effects than have full blown Coronavirus.

In case you were wondering my dad and great Aunt had the Pfizer vaccine and the rest of us had the AstraZeneca one. 

Have you had the vaccine yet? Did you have any side effects?


  1. So pleased you have all had the vaccine! We are still waiting here. It feels like my husband and I are the last over 40s to get it. My parents both had Pfizer. My brother and his partner (who are a bit younger than us) had AZ. I know my mum and dad didn't have any side effects at all, but I'm not sure about my brother and his partner.

  2. Still waiting to be vaccinated here and both keyworkers too, hoping it won't be long for my husband as he is in his mid 40's, I am late 30's and in a high risk job as soon as the invite comes we'll book those appointments.

  3. I'm glad you've all had the vaccine. Sorry to hear that you had some side-effects but glad you are starting to feel better now. Still waiting here for mine but my husband has had his now. #MMBC

  4. I can handle the aching and sleeping - hope that is all the reactions I get #MMBC

  5. So glad your family has all had the vaccine. My hubby and I got ours last Saturday (Pfizer). The only side effect was a little soreness in my arm for a day. we get our second dose in a few weeks. I heard the 2nd one is worse for side effects. I am not going to plan anything for the day after.

  6. Glad to hear you were all vaccinated and only suffered mild side effects. I am sure it is such a relief for you.