Saturday 10 April 2021

Week 14 of #Project365. 3rd - 9th April. A photo every day for a year!

It has been a funny old week. Most of the time I really have to think about what day it is with having Easter and the kids being off school. I had my vaccine and didn't feel great for a couple of days but thankfully my arm has finally stopped aching. I have had a week of aches and pains but that is only because I am moving around more and being more active which is of course a good thing.

Now for a photo every day.

Vaccine card
Negative covid tests and blue sky
Sausage casserole and blossom
Sheep in a field
The Leg Master in it's box

93/365 - 3rd April
I had my Covid vaccine and got one of the cards. All of my family have now had the vaccine and I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief. I didn't feel great on Saturday night or Sunday. Aching and feeling hot and cold but that was as bad as it got.

94/365 - 4th April
Two more negative lateral flow tests for the kids. They are quite used to doing them now and it does give us peace of mind. 

95/365 - 5th April
Pretty blue sky but it was so cold on Monday. So cold that we had a few flurries of snow. It really was one of those days where were had all the seasons in one day.

96/365 - 6th April
Sausage casserole. I was going to cook it in the slow cooker but left it too late so did it in the oven.  

97/365 - 7th April
We went to my dad's and on the way I was looking at all the trees. They are so pretty at this time of year.

98/365 - 8th April
Sheeps. hehehe We always stop and look in the same field at the sheep and lambs. 

99/365 - 9th April
I had an exciting delivery yesterday. The Leg Master Total Body. A piece of exercise equipment which promises a full body workout in less than 60 seconds. I am reviewing it and there will be a blog post about it next week.

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  1. A 60 second workout sounds fabulous! Can't wait to read your review.

  2. Will be interesting to read your review of the exercise equipment. I love sausage casserole, but the OH will only eat sausages plain with mash. V frustrating. Glad you've got your jab too.

  3. 60 second workout sounds about right for me. :) I love looking at the blossom too. Hope you're feeling OK. My Dh is having bad headaches for three weeks after the jab. Aww, the lambs are so cute.
    The sausage casserole sounds good for the cold weather we've had in the last week, proper comfort food.

  4. I always like to catch up with your family's lives. I have a similar vaccine card but of course not the same. I'd love to see every person in the world with a card. #MMBC

  5. How fantastic that everyone got their jab. I am so looking forward to have mine. I got a pack of tests from the pharmacy but I didn't start using them yet. I will today or tomorrow.
    The 60 second workout seems a bit of a stretch, but if you can get a good workout in 5 or 10 minutes with it, it's still pretty amazing. Hope you enjoy using it.

  6. Glad you had your vaccine and side effects were OK, I have had mine too.

    I really am pleased that we are able to get the LFTs having young kids in school as its gives us all peace of mind doesn't it.

  7. Must be such a relief to get your vaccine. Just waiting for hubby to get his second dose then my parents and he are fully vaccinated. Just leaves me but have decided not to take it while pregnant.

    The exercise equipment looks and sounds good!

  8. Glad you've all had your jabs now and the girls are getting used to the lateral flow tests. It's lovely seeing the lambs at the moment isn't it #365

  9. So glad that you've had your vaccine and are feeling better. Lovely seeing the blossom on the trees this time of year and the lambs. The weather has been crazy recently hasn't it - we've had sunshine and snow too! #project365

  10. Yay for the vaccine, I have mine booked for next week good to hear you didn't get many side effects from it. I must admit I am slightly nervous of how my body will react. Thos lambs are getting quite big now. The exercise equipment sounds good, will be over for a read as I am in the market for a new exercise machine.

  11. The The Leg Master Total Body sounds interesting - you had me at 60 seconds. We still haven't got used to the lateral flow tests but it is becoming easier to do them. Glad you are feeling better after your vaccine

  12. That exercise plan sounds great. Can't wait to hear what you thought. I am glad you have had the vaccine. Husband has had his first and I hope mine is soon too!!

  13. I need to pick up some lateral flow tests so that my eldest can start doing them ready for secondary school in September. Interested in the leg exerciser: hope it works! Glad you got the vaccine. #project365

  14. I wondered if they would start testing here in Wales, but so far my boys school haven't. Glad your feeling better now, sorry you had a rough few days. I think I need a leg master workout! My good intentions seem to have been forgotten this week. Good luck with the exercise regime!

  15. You see I'm not sure a 60 min workout in 60 sec will actually work, if it did I'm sure none of us would have any health issues due to lack of exercise at all. Glad you've all had your covid jab now and you're getting peace of mind from the lateral testing kits. We still call them sheeps lol

  16. A 60 second workout I need one of those! Glad you have all had the first Covid jab. We have too. I actually get my second next week. Darren had the aching feeling too. The flowers on the trees are really pretty #365