Thursday 29 April 2021

Zoom party inspiration to bring the family together even after lockdown!

Throughout the lockdowns that we have had Zoom became a big thing! This time last year I had never used Zoom. Ellie's school and Becky's college weren't doing online lessons during the first lockdown but over the past year Zoom has become a part of life. Ellie used it for most lessons during home learning this year and I have even had a couple of Zoom calls about various things.

Even though restrictions are being lifted Zoom calls are one of the good things to come out of lockdown. People who never bothered with video calls started to use Zoom throughout the lockdowns. Families had get togethers online which would never happen if it wasn't for the pandemic introducing most of us to Zoom.

I think get togethers should continue on Zoom and if you are in need of a bit of Zoom party inspiration to get you through the next few months and beyond these are the most popular, family friendly ideas for your next meet up.

Zoom call

A Sunday dinner cook along!
Perhaps a certain family member is renowned for their Sunday dinner cooking skills? If so, then get them to lead a cook along that the whole family can be part of. With a bit of forward planning, make sure you all have the same ingredients prepped and ready to go and then over to your celebrity chef style host to guide the rest of the family through the process. Children will enjoy getting involved with the cooking and once the dinner is ready you can all sit down together and enjoy it virtually.

Virtual fancy dress night!
If you’re a family that loves to dress up do it! A monthly themed fancy dress night will give you the chance to get your creative juices flowing to create costumes and accessories with whatever you can find at home. If you want to go all out, why not match food and drink to your theme for that extra Instagram appeal. If you’re the family member who usually shies away from dressing up at least you’re in the comfort of your own home and nobody else can see you.

Get creative with backgrounds and special effects!
Adding some special effect filters to your Zoom calls will certainly keep you entertained whilst on a family call as well as confusing your more elderly relatives at the same time. Filters like Snap Camera will turn you into the cat recently made famous by the Texas Lawyer, a potato, Pingu and many more crazy characters. You can also change your background to make it look as if you’ve left the country since the last time you chatted or perhaps you could use it as a way to share some favourite family pictures.

Show and Tell!
Visual prompts are great for getting friends and family involved and even for taking a trip down memory lane. Ask everyone to bring ‘an object’ however random or sentimental to your next online get together where everyone has to guess what the object signifies or why it’s important to you. It will be guessing and storytelling at its best.

Virtual bedtime story!
It goes without saying that your children always behave better for their grandparents, favourite auntie, uncle, nephew or niece so why not instigate a weekly virtual bedtime story to get your family involved in some valuable childcare. Set the kids up in their bedroom with your chosen family member, while you sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Do you have Zoom family get togethers?


  1. We had a family zoom catch up for my daughter’s birthday, but the children were over excited so it was hard to hear anything. I’ve had catch ups with friends that have worked really well though and been so much fun.

  2. Fab ideas and such a cool way to connect with others if you can't physically see them X

  3. Great ideas. I’m in a cooking club, really an eating club where we get together once a month and bring a dish based on a theme. We’ve cooked together over COVID via Zoom. #MMBC