Saturday 3 April 2021

Week 13 of #Project365. 27th March - 2nd April. A photo every day for a year!

We have had a pretty busy week. A hospital appointment and with the lockdown restrictions easing we've had a visits to my dad and Becky's girlfriend came for a visit in the garden. It has been a hectic but good week. I am glad we have a few days with no plans so we can just relax and enjoy the Easter holidays.

The sunshine was lovely early in the week but the last couple of days have felt a lot like winter. Hmmf. Just typical that as soon as Ellie finished school the weather has turned. 

Now for a photo every day.

Covid jab invite and Ice cream
A big unicorn cake
A new flowerbed in the garden
My youngest with an Easter egg and a half painted fence
My eldest just passing through the living room

86/365 - 27th March
I got my invite to go for my Covid vaccination. I am going to get it today. I am excited but dreading any side effects.

87/365 - 28th March
Ice cream! Yum, yum! It was on offer in Iceland. 2 for £5 which I thought was a bargain. 

88/365 - 29th March
Becky had a check up on her heart, all is good and on the way home we called in Sainsbury's and saw this cake which was reduced. £12 down to £3.99. I had to get it. 

89/365 - 30th March
I decided that I wanted another area to grow stuff in the garden so I got digging. The stone slabs were hidden under the grass which was there. Being out in the garden gave me a good excuse to keep an eye on Becky and her girlfriend too. They were on their best behaviour though and kept their distance.

90/365 - 31st March
Ellie brought home an Easter egg from school. She was given it for great work in Design and Technology since she went back to school. I am so proud of her.

91/365 - 1st April
My girls and I went to visit my dad and he isn't one to just sit around and chat so he had us doing some painting. It was nice spending some time with him even if it did mean I got covered in paint.

92/365 - 2nd April
Becky just passing through the living room. We had a lazy day just playing on computers and watching TV. I managed to write a few blog posts and catch up with Emmerdale.

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  1. It has felt like a return to winter here too and I am trying so hard to remember it can't last much longer.

  2. Love Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream and that unicorn cake is a bargain. Well done to Ellie on doing great work in Design & Technology and hope she enjoys her egg. Looks like you’ve been busy in the garden and helping your dad. Hope you have a lovely weekend and no side-effects from your vaccine. #project365

  3. Great bargain on the cake! I tried to order the same one in my shop this week for Lilys birthday but it was out of stock!

    Hoping to pick one up next week!

  4. Bargain cake. I never see anything in the bargain aisle normally, but if I nip to M&S at work lunchtimes, they often have lots on reduction depending on the day. Well done Ellie on her D&T work. Hope your jab went ok.

  5. Well done for having had your covid vaccine. It must be great to know that soon you will have that protection against the virus.

    I got some Ben&Jerry ice cream, of offer, from a supermarket, the vegan ones for us. It's nice to get a bargain for ice cream, isn't it? :)

  6. Fab bargain with the cake! I wouldn't be able to resist it either. Glad to hear that Becky's check up is good! And well done to Ellie for getting a reward for her hard work in Design. Hope you didn't feel rotten after the jab. Lol @ your Dad who made you work on the visit.

  7. Glad you got your jab, and I do love a bargain buy. Glad all went well with Becky's check up too #365

  8. I am missing not being able to do much this year in the garden due to the pregnancy...have had to get the eldest to help do the weeding and keeping it simple!

    Great deal on the cake! Cookie Dough ice cream is my fav!

  9. What an amazing cake bargain. Little E had a unicorn birthday cake one year. I love your garden time. Darren was meant to do some work in the garden but it turned into work in the bathroom instead. Well done Ellie what a great treat! #365

  10. That cake is a bargain, hope it tasted as goof as it looks. Hope the vaccine went well

  11. Ha ha writing a few blog posts is not a lazy day! I am struggling to do any... Yay for the vaccine hope you did not get any side effects. Lovely for becky to see her girlfriend, although your comment about keeping an eye made me chuckle! Cant wait to see what you grow

  12. We've had that cake full price, love a bargain!Hope the vaccine went well as you didn't have any side effects, and glad the heart appointment was ok too. #project365

  13. What a bargain on the cake! I think I would have bought one at that price too its a decent saving. That is also a good price on the ice cream! I like Becky's play station hoody! Well done Ellie getting an Easter egg for her hard work, nice to be recognized for her efforts.

  14. I find it difficult just to sit when visiting or having visitors, I prefer to go for a walk to give us something to do