Wednesday 7 April 2021

(Ad - Gifted) A Classic afternoon tea for two from Piglet's Pantry - Review!

I do love an afternoon tea. Obviously I prefer to go out for it but at the moment that isn't possible so to get an afternoon tea delivered was a real treat. Recently I was gifted an afternoon tea for two at home through BuyaGift.

The afternoon tea came from Piglet's Pantry and it wasn't a business I had heard of but their food looked amazing, their cakes especially!

Piglets pantry logo

To order I was to email Piglets Pantry with the code given from buyagift and I did and it took a little while for my order to be processed but I was fine with waiting, there was no rush for the afternoon tea.

My afternoon tea arrived and it was packaged perfectly. Everything was chilled and there was no damage to any of the products which is really impressive considering there was cakes with icing on top.

Piglets pantry afternoon tea

Included in the afternoon tea is:

Two cheese and chive quiches.
Two Scotch eggs.
Two mini sausage rolls.
Two mini sausage rolls with cheese and pickle.
Two fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry conserve.
A selection of four cakes (either carrot cake with cream cheese icing, blueberry, banana and lemon curd icing, chocolate chip and caramel drizzle).
Earl Grey tea bags.

In my email I did ask "Would it be possible to change the sausage rolls filled with cheese and pickle to just normal, classic sausage rolls?" but it seems they never got the message and the sausage rolls with cheese and pickle arrived. It wasn't a massive issue for me, I was just being picky. I didn't eat those but the kids did and said they were so good! So good that they wanted more.

The food all looked amazing and when it arrived it was chilled thoroughly. We actually had to wait for the scotch eggs to defrost which was a good thing as I knew it was chilled properly and OK to eat.

The afternoon tea food

It was only when I started thinking about the scones I thought where's the cream? I looked, I lifted the plastic tray out, looked underneath, I looked all through the packaging that I had put to be recycled and then went as far as taking everything out the tray it came in and there still wasn't any cream. I did speak to Piglet's Pantry and they were deeply apologetic about it.

Despite there being no cream and the sausage rolls with cheese and pickle which I didn't really want I was still impressed with the box. There was more than enough food for my two girls and I to have for tea. The scotch eggs were to die for and the carrot cake was one of the best I've ever eaten. 

When I ordered it was the run up to Valentine's day then there has been Mother's day and Easter so they have been busy and I did have to wait a week for the afternoon tea to be delivered which was fine, we were in no great rush for it.

The afternoon tea costs £35.00 and I would say it was well worth the money if everything was correct in the box. I have read that other bloggers have tried out their afternoon tea's and everything was fine with theirs so I was just an unlucky one. I am tempted to pay for one myself to give them a second chance because I do think the mistakes with my box were just a random occurrence. Like I said the food we did have was so good, it's just a shame some was missing or not what we had asked for.

I was gifted the Classic afternoon tea for two from Piglet's Pantry in exchange for a previous blog post from BuyaGift.

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