Friday 30 April 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Park! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


It has been a very exciting week here. The new park has opened!

It's not a new park as such, the park has always been there but it has had a facelift which was needed. About 6 weeks ago the local council started work replacing all the equipment in there and adding a lot of news things. I am on the local Facebook group and saw the plans and then it slowly being built. It really is brilliant and has things for all ages and it is inclusive for everyone. I thought the roundabout which fits a wheelchair on is fantastic.

The park finally opened last Friday. There was no grand opening, they just moved the fencing that was around it. We only found out because Becky and her girlfriend were going to shop and saw the last of the fencing being taken away. On the way back from the shop they called in and had a go on the swings. The big kids. hehehe

We didn't tell Ellie it was open on the Friday as it was packed but both Becky and her did go on Saturday and they loved it. They said it was the busiest they have ever seen it but everyone was behaving and having fun.

They went again Sunday and every night this week. One night they went as soon as Ellie finished school but it was too busy with everyone else popping in after school, another day they went at about 5pm which was a bit quieter. 

There was a bit of drama on one of the local Facebook groups as there was complaints about how the turf on one of the small hills had came off and there were people "misusing" the zip wire.

It was insinuated that it was all of the older kids fault which I didn't think was on, teenagers always seem to get the blame. The zip wire had stretched and the seat was touching the ground and from what I read the poles were coming out of the ground too. A piece of equipment at a park should not be broken after less than a week even if some kids got a little carried away on it. Shoddy workmanship comes to mind but it is being repaired and should be ready to use again for the weekend. As for the turf it was laid and not watered so didn't settle and take properly. Lots of people complained that it was just falling away and they were slipping on it when getting on the zip wire. I hope they do something to fix that too.

The kids are really loving the park. With the girls going most evenings it feels like we are getting back to a normal life which of course is a good thing. I just hope the weather forecast for the weekend is wrong as we're forecast rain! Ugh!

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  1. It sounds like a great park. I can remember enjoying the park when I was well into my teenage years. Just being out with my friends and having some fun. We'd help the younger children by pushing them on the swings and such. It's a shame your park has had teething problems but I hope Becky and Ellie get to enjoy a lot more over the summer months. xx

  2. Teenagers do always seem to get the blame don't they? I enjoy using swings when we go to the park to this day.

  3. It sounds like a great park and I agree that the zip wire can't have been fixed in correctly. Its great that both girls are getting out and enjoying it so much. I hope it doesn't rain this weekend and they can enjoy it more. I must admit we didn't make any plans due to the threat of rain #WotW

  4. That park sounds great and good that it is a bit more inclusive as well. It's a shame that the zip wire doesn't sound like it was installed properly - hopefully once it's fixed it will be much better. #WotW

  5. What a great word. It sounds like a fabulous facility and well thought out too. Always good to see equipment for all abilities. We have a small park for the younger children and absolutely nothing for the teens, so I'm cheering that they have included the older children. Hope the snags are fixed soon. #wotw

  6. That sounds like great fun! hope they can sort out the zip wire. Karen - Early Rising Mum