Wednesday 21 April 2021

Our first proper shopping trip in ages.

Poor Ellie has been feeling rather left out lately. The last time Ellie was in town, just for shopping and a bit of fun was just before her birthday, last August. For the last few weeks Becky has been going to town and meeting up with her girlfriend and since the shops reopened Ellie has been itching to go shopping.

Ellie has missed out on a few shopping trips over the past 6 months or so. When Stu and I went shopping before Christmas, in November she was at school and the same early this year. She has felt like everyone has been to town and she hasn't so we wanted to make it up to her.

My youngest outside of McDonalds

On Monday while most of the kids went back to school locally Ellie's school had a teachers training day we got the bus and went to Hull for a fun day of shopping. We had planned on going to Scunthorpe but fancied a change. The shops are better in Hull, Primark is bigger, there is a Lush store and a few other shops we like which Scunthorpe don't have.

Ellie had written a list of things she wanted to buy and has been saving her money so I was prepared for a lot of walking and popping in a lot of shops. Ellie didn't disappoint she had us walking for miles. It was worth it though.

Build a Bear

We had our usual look in Build a Bear and convinced Ellie that the bears are expensive. If she still wants one we have said we'll get one for her birthday, we popped in Smiggle, Ellie still loves that shop and I finally went in the big Tesco and had a look around all the clothes and homeware.

We then went to McDonalds for lunch! The last time I had one was the day we moved house nearly 2 years ago. It was such a treat! I went way over the top and had a McChicken burger, fries, 2 hamburgers, a chocolate milkshake and shared 6 chicken nuggets with Ellie. I made such a pig of myself but enjoyed every mouthful. 

McDonald's food

After filling our bellies we hit Primark and to be honest I wasn't impressed with it. Despite the one in Hull being bigger than Scunthorpe there just wasn't much I fancied for myself. I got a few t-shirts and a pair of jeans. I of course bought more for the girls. I in fact found more for myself in Pep & Co, Poundlands clothes shop. All I really wanted from the shopping trip was some comfy, cosy slippers and I didn't get them. I suppose it's the wrong time of year to be shopping for slippers.

Lush bath bombs

A trip into a main city wouldn't be complete without a trip to Lush to get some bath bombs. Stu dies a little every time he goes into Lush. He hates the smell and hates how expensive they are. It's a treat, it's not like I use them for every bath I get one or two about once a year. lol

We looked around a few more shops and then headed home. I was really impressed with how all of the shops are dealing with Coronavirus. One door in another out, queues to get into the shops, hand sanitizer at the front of every shop and everyone kept their distance. It seemed so much more organised and safer than Scunthorpe. It was probably just because we noticed it more as it was busier. Most of the shops had queues to get in but thankfully they moved quickly.

Have you had any shopping trips lately?


  1. It looks like you all made the most of your shopping trip. Primark, Lush and McDonalds - sounds like my kind of shopping day out! xx

  2. I haven't had a trip to Primark yet but I did have a little walk around the shops this week and didn't really find anything I liked for myself. I'm hoping when the sale rails are removed they'll be a bit more choice! #MMBC