Friday 23 April 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Out, out! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I have had another busy week. I think I have been out nearly every day this past week. It still seems strange going out, out and not just out into the garden or for walks. Seeing people is still strange but I am liking it and we are of course staying safe.

On Saturday I sent Stu to the local auction to do my bidding but it was such a lovely day and I was sat here thinking it would be a waste not to go out so I followed him down to the auction and had a lovely time. We didn't buy anything but saw loads of people we hadn't seen in about a year.

I only went as far as the garden on Sunday but the girls went out for a walk in the woods and ended up going through the woods, down a footpath, through a field and home again. They were gone a couple of hours, said they had walked for miles and when they got home their legs were aching. They had fun though.

On Monday Stu, Ellie and myself went shopping to Hull. We were just going to go to Scunthorpe but decided to make a day of it and travel a bit further and to treat ourselves to a McDonalds. My first one in nearly 2 years. It was amazing! We visited all of our favourite shops and spent about an hour and a half in Primark. This trip we managed to find Poundland too which I wasn't impressed with, it was tiny. There is a big B&M which soon cheered me up though.

On Tuesday I made myself a packed lunch and went to my dads. I thought if I took my own lunch I could stay for longer and I did. He was working but I was there to keep him company. (We were outside the whole time).

I met up with a friend for coffee on Wednesday morning and spent longer chatting than we had planned but it didn't matter, neither of us had anywhere to be then on the afternoon I dyed my hair blue. It was meant to be lilac but it didn't take well so I slapped some blue over the top. I love it!

New blue hair

Becky had online lessons yesterday from college and had to have her microphone on so I wasn't going to sit here in silence so I went to my dads again and spent most of the day there. I got chance to show him my new hair colour too. He isn't a fan of me dying my hair and always rolls his eyes when it's a new colour but this time he actually liked it. It's turns out he's just not a fan of the reds and pinks. lol

Today I am not going anywhere! I feel like I need a day at home to have a catch up on the housework, bloggy things and to keep an eye on Becky and her girlfriend who is coming for a visit. They will of course be staying in the garden. The weather is supposed to be nice so I might join them and do some gardening.

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  1. Wow, I'm loving the blue hair! I think the purple not working out has done you a favour. I hope you have a nice peaceful Friday. xx

  2. What a lovely week out and about! I bet it feels so good to get out and see people... I can't remember the last time I ate at a McDonald's.

  3. Wow, love the hair, it's a really vibrant colour and really suits you ... but then again, I liked the pink too ! Lovely to be getting back to "normal" and meeting up with people again. Especially with the lovely sunny weather we've been having. Fingers crossed this lasts until at least the end of the summer :)

  4. The blue hair suits you. I like your pinks and purples, but blue definitely has the edge. You sound like you had a great shopping trip. I've only dashed into the outdoor gear shop so far. The weather has been so good for being outside and you sound like you've made the most of it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. #wotw

  5. Oh I love the blue! I think every colour you've tried has suited you.
    The weather has been so lovely hasn't it?! Glad you've had a nice time getting out and about. Enjoy your weekend. x

  6. The hair colour is very very cool! It has been nice to be able to go out especially with the nice weather. Karen - early Rising Mum

  7. Sounds like a busy week but it is so nice to be able to get out a bit more and to see people outside. Lovely to have a trip into Hull and sounds like the girls enjoyed their walk. Love your new hair colour - such a gorgeous shade of blue. #WotW

  8. Wow so busy Kim.sounds great though. I love the blue hair! I'm glad you're enjoying being out and about again I think its nice and I'm a total hermit!

  9. I love your blue hair. Little E saw the photo and asked if it was me. Apparently we have the same smile ;0) It sounds like you had a very busy week but a very nice busy week. I wish I haven't had a McDonald's for over two years. We have one more or less next door! #WotW