Saturday 17 April 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The All-Hands collection from Mad Beauty.

Over the past year our hands have been suffering with all of the handwashing we have been doing due to Covid. I know mine have been. Last year they were sore and dry and I really don't want that to happen again so was interested to try out The All Hands collection from Mad Beauty which has been created as an SOS for Covid tired hands!

The All Hands collection from Mad Beauty

Now that the restrictions of lockdown are easing we will be washing and sanitizing our hands even more especially if we are venturing out to shops, pubs, to get our hair cut or anywhere where people are.

MAD Beauty All Hands Hand Wash

Refresh your hands and awaken your senses with the new All Hands Hand Wash. The heavenly fresh fragrance will give you an uplifting burst every time you wash your hands and leave your skin fragrant & beautifully cleansed.

Fresh Lychee & Asian Pear hand soap combines the perfectly blended scent of sweet lychee & exotic notes of Asian pear bringing you a sweet tropical sensation with every wash.

Hand washing has never been so important & our formula will not only cleanse hands but leave them feeling hydrated. Suitable for all skin types, simply pump onto wet hands & massage into a lather before rinsing thoroughly.

This smells so good, it really is a fresh, uplifting scent. It leaves my hands feeling amazing and it is a pleasure to use.

MAD Beauty All Hands Soap Sticks

The soap sticks are such a clever idea. You can pop an All Hands Soap Stick in your pocket or bag and have it on hand when it needs to be used. I have been places over the last week, used their toilets and really didn't fancy touching the soap dispensers and some places didn't even have soap dispensers. These are so handy to have!

You simply wet your palms then rub the stick on your hands and you have your own personal soap on the go. No mess and no need to share with anyone else which is a good thing at the moment.

MAD Beauty All Hands Soap Stick top

The soap sticks come in 3 fragrances: Zingy Pineapple & Lime, Lychee & Pear & Raspberry & Honeydew. They all smell so good but the Zingy Pineapple is my favourite and that has been put in my bag. The girls have claimed one each which will be put in their school/college bags to use too.

Do you like the sound of any of these?

I was sent a selection of products from the All-Hands collection from Mad Beauty free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. My hands are in a terrible state at the minute, they are so dry! I love the idea of the soap sticks. Very handy for when you are out and about. xx