Friday 2 April 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Visit! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This past week was a busy one for me and my family. I have probably spent more time outside over the past 5 days than I have in the last 3 months.

I got a text on Saturday inviting me to visit the local GP's surgery for my Covid vaccine. I am going tomorrow. Eek! Both Becky and Stu got away with hardly any side effects after their vaccine so I am worried I will get their share. 

On Monday Becky and I had a visit to the hospital for her yearly check up on her heart. Last week in my word of the week I said how I was worried about her finding the right department. The worry was for nothing, I went in with her and showed her where to go and went to the desk with her and the man behind the reception said I could wait with her as they weren't busy. Phew! She went in and had the scan on her heart and that was it. The nurse said there was nothing to worry about with her heart, nothing life threatening anyway. She could see the leaky valves but it was up to the doctor to discuss with us. They're not doing face to face appointments at the moment and we should expect a phone call or letter soon. I'm not worried. 

On Tuesday Becky finally got to see her girlfriend who came for a visit in our garden. The last time they spent any time together apart from on video chat was in October so it was long overdue. I spent most of the afternoon out there digging myself a new flowerbed to keep an eye on them but they were on their best behaviour and stayed 2m apart mostly. There was the odd moment they forgot all about socially distancing when they were looking at each others phone or having a good giggle about something. They did so well though. She's coming back next week sometime depending on the weather.

We also went for a visit to my dad's yesterday. We of course stayed outside and even took our own lunch with us. He is always pottering about and roped us in to helping. He had me painting a fence, Becky painting a wall and Ellie helping him fill in cracks on a paved area. It was nice to see him and spend time with him and his partner. 

We have a long weekend and I am looking forward to spending it at home just with the girls and Stu. I have noticed that Harry Potter is on ITV2 over the weekend. I think they're showing all the films so that should keep us occupied. I will never get sick of watching them. We of course have plenty of Easter eggs to eat! Yum, yum! I hope you all have a fab Easter.

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  1. The weather has certainly been right for being outside this week. Glad all is okay with Becky. Have a lovely Easter! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  2. What a lot of visits! I bet it was such a relief to have Becky's dr. visit behind you.

  3. So glad to hear that Becky's appointment went well, that must be a huge relief. It's lovely that she got to spend time with her girlfriend too.
    Oh, best of luck with your vaccine tomorrow. I hope you get away without any side effects. Have a fab weekend. x

  4. Good luck for the vaccine, hope you don't get any side effects. Glad to hear Becky's appointment went well and it's lovely to hear you got to see your dad again xx

  5. It's so lovely to be able to have visitors in the garden again isn't it? So glad Becky was able to see her girlfriend and well done to them both for managing to stay socially distanced. Glad that all went well with Becky's heart check-up too and that you were able to see your dad. Hope that all went well with your vaccine and fingers crossed for no side effects x #WotW

  6. How nice that you have been able to enjoy visits, even if they do sound like hard work :) I've been watching Harry Potter with my eldest son...he's never seen them before. x

  7. It has been a good week to be outside. I bet yours and your Dad's garden are looking good after all your work. I'm glad Beckie's hospital visit went well. Such a relief. Fingers crossed your vaccine doesn't knock you for six. At least you have the films and chocolate to look forward to! #wotw

  8. I hope you felt OK after your vaccine? Darren had his and he felt unwell the next day. I'm glad Becky's appointment was OK. How lovely to have so many visits. We haven't had many meetings yet. I'm watching the Harry Potter films this weekend too. I couldn't see the last ones on there #WotW