Saturday 17 April 2021

Week 15 of #Project365. 10th - 16th April. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Saturday, I hope you have all had a good week. Mine has been busy and I am glad it's the weekend. Yesterday I stayed in bed, had a bit of a lie in and then had a soak in the bath. It was lovely to relax. I feel like I have been here there and everywhere. I will be glad on Tuesday when Ellie goes back to school so we can get back into a routine.

Now for a photo every day!

My plants on the window sill.
Sloppy Joe mix and a confetti balloon.
Tomato & Chilli bread
Paint pot and paintbrush and a Harry Potter planner.

100/365 - 10th April
Even weeds look pretty when the sun is shining.

101/365 - 11th April
My plants on my windowsill are growing well. Tomatoes, some sort of flowers and dwarf sunflowers.

102/365 - 12th April
We had sloppy joes for tea on Monday. This was the mixture.

103/365 - 13th April
I was gifted a confetti balloon to review and it was perfect timing with my dad's partners birthday during the week. She loved it.

104/365 - 14th April
Home made tomato and chilli bread. One of those things where I should have made double as it didn't last long.

105/365 - 15th April
I was at my dad's helping with some painting. I of course got covered.

106/365 - 16th April
Becky came pack from town with a present for me. A Harry Potter diary/planner. It really is beautiful and she said it cost under £10 from Primark. Sometimes Becky drives me crazy but she does make up for it with thoughtful moments like this.

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  1. That bread looks delicious! Lovely photos from the week x

  2. The bread sounds and looks good. Nice of Becky to get you the HP planner. I really should make an effort and plant something this year. So far I've done nothing with the garden.

  3. So nice that you managed to have a lie in and a soak in the bath after a busy week. Sounds like you have earned it!
    Wow! Look at your plants, they are doing really well and the dandelions too hehe! I tend to leave dandelions where I can as they are a great for pollinators.
    The bread sounds so good and how thoughtful of Becky to have got you a HP planner. She's a good one. x

  4. Aww I love the journal. What a sweet idea!

    Corinne x

  5. Haha you are right everything looks better when the sun shines!

    Your bread looks lovely! Cant beat a home baked loaf.

  6. Your seedlings are coming on well. I've only just started with mine. We quite like dandelions here tbh, weed or not. #365

  7. Don't think I have ever tried tomato and chilli bread. Might have to give it a go.

    I love confetti balloons, they are great gifts.

    Such a sweet gift of the journal.

  8. dandelions were considered a healthy plant to seed and grow for hundreds of years. When settlers came from England to what is now the US - they brought dandelion seeds! That colorful weed grows coast to coast in the US now.#MMBC

  9. Young dandelion leaves are lovely in salads, and they have lots of vitamins. Your potted seedlings are doing well! What a lovely gift from your daughter! The balloon looks pretty too. And as for bread, that sounds amazing!

  10. tomato and chilli bread sounds amazing X

  11. LOVE the sound of tomato and chilli bread! I'm reading HP to the kids (almost at the end of book4) and loving it as they become fans and want merchandise! #project365

  12. I love dandelions and seeing them in the garden at this time of year. We've used them to make dandelion honey and dandelion and lemon biscuits. Your plants are growing well. I need to plant our sunflowers. Homemade tomato and chilli bread sounds very yummy. How lovely of Becky to get you the Harry Potter planner. #project365

  13. That bread looks great and the flavours sounds delicious. The seedlings look like they are doing really well. That is so thoughtful of Becky, the journal looks great and a complete bargain.

  14. What a lovely gift from becky, kids do certainly boil our blood then have us melting at their deeds. The balloon review looks fab, I'd love a gift like this on my birthday

  15. A lie in and a soak in the bath sounds fab! We all need to take some chill time now and then. A confetti balloon looks so pretty! I have never had one, but quite fancy one now! I gave painting a go the other day and got covered too! I also made a bit of a mess of the floor ooops!

  16. I love the confetti balloon, I would be happy with that for my birthday and would be made up with a Harry Potter planner too

  17. Love the Harry Potter planner. I have never had sloppy joes. I love the balloon I might have to look out for those for the upcoming birthdays #365