Saturday 24 April 2021

Week 16 of #Project365. 17th - 23rd April. A photo every day for a year!

What a glorious week we've had. It's been dry and bright every day and most days it was t-shirt weather. I have spent a couple of days pottering around at my dad's, it has been nice to spend time with him and see other people too.

The kids were back to school and college and settled back in quickly. The Easter holidays seem like a distant memory now. 

Now for a photo every day!

A burger and fries and my youngest sat in a tree
My youngest and I on the bus and a bath bomb.
Me with blonde hair
Sunglasses and my sorted wardrobe.

107/365 - 17th April
Burgers and fries for tea. Stu made them and he makes the best ones.

108/365 - 18th April
The girls went out for a walk to the woods and stopped off at the shop for a snack. Ellie of course had to find a tree to sit in and eat her sandwich.

109/365 - 19th April
We went shopping in Hull and had a fantastic day out. We visited all of our favourite shops and were shattered on the way home, on the bus. I might have dozed off to sleep a couple of times.

110/365 - 20th April
After being at my dad's all day and ending up with filthy feet after I tipped soil on them I decided to use my favourite bath bomb that I got from our shopping trip and have a soak in the bath. It was bliss. I know bath bombs from Lush are expensive but they are worth it.

111/365 - 21st April
I dyed my hair again but first had to lighten it with a blonde dye. It took well and actually removed most of the pink dye. I don't suit blonde hair. You can see the end result on my Word of the Week blog post or my Instagram. I went blue.

112/365 - 22nd April
I spent most of the day at my dads and my sunglasses were needed. It was bright and so warm despite it being bright but chilly when I left the house. I caught the sun on the back of my neck. I must remember to wear sun cream in future.

113/365 - 23rd April
I had a sort out of the cupboard in my wardrobe. It needed doing badly. I had just been throwing things in there and after buying some new clothes on Monday it was in desperate need of a declutter. I gave in and ripped some pj's which are nearly the same age as Becky up to make dusters and gave the girls some of my t-shirts. It looks better and is more organised now.

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  1. I've been organizing my closet to make room for new spring clothes too and trying to decide what to keep, what to donate, and how to make the most of the space.

  2. The weather's been so nice hasn't it. I really need to declutter my wardrobe and drawers again. The floor and top of the chest of drawers is becoming my wardrobe again as there's no room! Need to move down another jeans size and that will clear out a lot of trousers!

  3. closets are so demanding as they always seem to collect stuff and not stay neat - you're a busy lady and I hope this is a great week for you! #MMBC

  4. I also need desperately to organise the wardrobes and be ruthless with things I don't wear any longer. Sounds like you had a lovely week. It was truly sunny, we've been wearing sunglasses as well.
    Sitting in a tree with a treat is the best! Sorry, I'm not a fan of Lush, I cannot even enter the shop, the smell makes me dizzy. :)

  5. It's been lovely hasn't it. My glasses are sunglasses too so that's a bonus. Look forward to seeing the blue hair, I keep thinking I should do something more adventurous with mine. Had it all sorts of colours when I was younger #365

  6. What colour is your natural hair? You did very well to get it that blond with the bleach and remove so much pink and to have it still looking so healthy. Stu makes fab burgers, very professional looking. I love lush bath bombs but don't buy them often due to the price. I had a few items of clothing I was still wearing from before the kids were born that we kept in the UK, I finally used them up throughout the winter in the UK and for gardening and painting

  7. That burger looks amazing. Love the photo of Ellie in the tree with her sandwich. Lovely to have a shopping trip and to relax with a nice bath bomb in the bath. Having a declutter is so satisfying. I need to do that at some point! #project365

  8. A messy wardrobe is something I can relate to! A tidy only lasts until the next washing loads needs space fast! off to check out your blue hair! #project365

  9. I saw the burgers on insta and thought they looked amazing. It must be nice getting to spend so much time with your dad now. I wondered what Ellie was doing in that tree. I need to sort out my wardrobe and get some clothes that actually fit me again! #365

  10. So nice to see your dad and spend time with him. I do love a lush bath bomb they are expensive but as you say really worth it. I don't suit blonde hair either my complexion is too orange I think. Love the blue. I really need to get on top of the decluttering.

  11. OOh the burgers do look good. It really is nice isn't it to be able to spend time with the family even if it is just in the garden. Lush bath bombs are expensive but as you say so worth it!

  12. That burger stack looks so good! Can you get your husband to make me one please haha. The blonde really suits you, you look lovely! Always a fan of a trip to Lush, might have to do that again soon, you have inspired me!