Wednesday 1 June 2022

(Ad - Gifted) The Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask - Review!

I always take the mickey out of my fella. For bed Stu always wears a sleep mask and when I wake him up he always looks terrified especially if I just pull the mask up. Oops. Stu struggles to sleep with any light in the room and at this time of year our bedroom gets the sun as soon as it comes up, even with the thick curtains that we have. 

Recently we were sent the Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask to have a look at and for Stu to try out.

Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask

Darkness is one of the most important factors in good quality sleep; a regular light and dark cycle will let your circadian rhythm do it’s thing, telling your body when to sleep and when to wake. A sleeping mask helps you take control over this process and control over your sleep. 

Echor was founded with one task in mind, to help people meet their true potential by facilitating a better night's sleep and enhanced wellbeing.

Coming in a sturdy box with pretty packaging the eye mask really is something special.

The Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask

When I opened the packaging I was quite surprised with how thick the mask was, it really is on the bulky side but to be honest that isn't a problem with it being so soft and padded. The feel of the material was so good and I knew it wouldn't irritate Stu's face and skin. He has had some in the past which were too fleecy or just too rough. With this the high-elastic foam inner & a silky smooth outer makes for a truly comfortable night’s sleep in any position. 

The soft and ergonomic wings on either side of your nose prevent light from entering under the mask which give you total blackout. I tried it on and was really pleased with how dark it was.

Back of the Blackout Eye MaskAdjustable strap on the Blackout Eye Mask

The 3D Eye indentations relieve pressure on your eye lids and lashes ensuring total comfort and fresher eyes following sleep. It really is so soft around your eyes and comfortable to wear. I have been put off wearing sleep masks in the past because I don't like them touching my eyelashes or eyelids but you don't have that problem with this mask. 

The mask is fully adjustable and simple to make it fit around your head. The adjustable elasticated strap offers a one size fits all solution for optimal comfort regardless of whether you like you eye mask to be secured tightly or loosely.

The Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask costs £17.99 which might seem a lot for an eye mask but I would say it is well worth the money and so would Stu. He has used it for a few nights and is very impressed with it. If you’re not happy with the Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask you can return it for a full refund within 30 nights. 

Becky works night shifts and even with blackout curtains she sometimes finds it hard to sleep during the day and now she's considering buying herself one of these eye masks after trying Stu's.

We were sent the Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. I think a blackout eye mask is important. I have one too and I use it from time to time, if I'm travelling for example, as at home we have blackout curtain.