Wednesday 6 October 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Children’s snacks and treats from Fruit Bowl!

 My girls both have packed lunches, Ellie for school and Becky for work. As well as sandwiches and crisps I do still like them to eat fruit but sometimes they don't want to take a banana or apple as they say they stink their lunchboxes out. Fair enough and that's where Fruit Bowl comes in.

Fruit bowl products

Fruit Bowl are all about making sure the snacks that end up in little hands are packed with fruity goodness, and not an ounce of anything else. They have put together a tasty range of goodies bursting with flavourful fruitiness which count as one of your five a day. The individually wrapped portions are perfect for between meals, you can take them anywhere, are great for packed lunches as well as tasting so good too! 

Fruit Bowl peelers

The Fruit Bowl Peelers are fun little things. The kids have always said they look like dog chews but once you start peeling them they are tasty treats! 

The raspberry one's are squish apples and raspberries squished together and the Strawberry one's are squished apples and strawberries. 

Strawberry and raspberry peelers

Fruit Bowl have a fantastic range of fruit flakes. We love the strawberry one's but the raspberry one's are very tasty too. They are soft, chewy fruit pieces which are perfect for tiny fingers and they are gluten-free and have no added sugar. 

The Unicorn Fruit Flakes are an exciting mixture of Fruit Bowl’s top selling delicious flake flavours. Tangy Raspberry, sweet Strawberry and moreish blackcurrant.

fruit flakes from fruit bowl

Our favourite ever Fruit Bowl snack is the Blackcurrant Yogurt Flakes! They squish fruit with a little fruit juice then coat them in delicious creamy yogurt. They are gluten-free and also come in strawberry and raspberry flavours as well as yoghurt covered raisins.

Fruit Bowl Yogurt Flakes

What is new to us is the Fruit Bowl Dino Eggs!! When you want to put a rrroarrr into your day you need a fruity bite with a juice-rassic punch. Bursting with raisin yumminess encased in a creamy yogurt shell, the cracking snacks are just the thing to perk up hungry herbivores and ravenous raptors alike.

I know I have just said that the Blackcurrant Yogurt Flakes are our favourites but they come a close second. The kids have already argued over the last bag. It just goes to show they are not just for little kids!! 

Dino eggs from Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl makes fruit fun. It is perfect for lunchboxes for little one's and bigger kids too, an afternoon snack and I am thinking with Christmas coming a treat in the kids stockings. It certainly beats a tangerine. hehehe

At this time of year Fruit Bowl products are great for baking too!! The Halloween spider jellies and Halloween cupcakes are a lot of fun for later in the month and as the weather has changed they can be used to make a nice warming pudding, Jam Roly Poly using the raspberry Fruit flakes.

Fruit Bowl products can be bought from most supermarkets and I have even seen them in shops like Home Bargains, B&M and Poundland.

Do you and your kids like Fruit Bowl treats?

I was sent a selection of Fruit Bowl snacks free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I love the yoghurt flakes and my daughter (32) has the peelers in her lunch box at work. The Little Man might like the dinosaur eggs, I've not seen them before.

  2. Ooh, they look delicious xxx

  3. I have not seen these before! They look good though.

  4. We have these in our packed lunches all the time, they are so good!